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The Law of Attraction: Making it Work For You

Updated on January 18, 2016

Abundance - The Free Flow of Energy!


The Law Of Attraction


How can you create more success in your life? How can you manifest more fulfillment in your day to day living? How can you share more happiness with others?

I am inspired by the prevailing New Energies on Planet Earth, and I would like to share this inspiration with you. We are living in exciting times! Currently we are in a New Wave of inspirational New Energies, that are the foundation for creating a new construct to live into! We are in a historic time. Humanity can now create powerfully in terms of aspects of our lives; such as career, telepathy, synchronicity and multi-dimensional travel. We will experience deep contact and new forms of communications.


  • The landmark message that we are learning is a basic lesson in time.
  • We are learning that time is circular.
  • The past is the fabric of the future.
  • Circular time may be known as a Time Constellation; a beautiful pattern of Divine light, like the designs of the stars in the sky.
  • Our work is to transcend mundane consciousness, ascend into enlightened living, and start a New World.

Time is compressing, and so we now experience time as going very fast. What to do? Relax with it. This is the New Wave energy, which helps push us through and onward into a higher vibration reality. This is a New Wave made by humanity. The New Earth will begin to feel more like home. There will be more instantaneous manifesting. We will think and instantaneously create. We will experience a circular time concept of Past/Present/Future, which equals one moment, which equals the Time Constellation. To be more empowered in the experience of manifesting, know that you are Divine, and know that you are the essence of Divine.


  • It is time to share your light.
  • Your purpose, meaning, and integrity is your light.
  • We are beginning to understand multi-dimensionality, and we live in these dimensions simultaneously.
  • We are learning how to play with the Divine, while we are remembering that we are beings of light.
  • Now is the time to connect and integrate by empowering one another. Live with a consciousness of Oneness!

Know that we plan a lifetime as we would plan a vacation. We can create anything we want. We are so full of Love that we are able to go where we are needed in life. As we manifest to create a better life for ourselves, we will also uplift one another, empower one another - thereby enhancing a life of fulfillment and happiness for one and all.


Look at humanity as empowered Beings. Are you ready to express your power?

  • All it takes is for you to connect with your inner gifts.
  • and find the uses for your inner gifts in your work.

Remember, humanity is creating a New Earth. Be Grateful! Celebrate! We are experiencing the end of selfishness and entering into a New Era of compassion! Nurture one another, empower one another, create your highest dreams! We can have fun in the process! Be inspired!

Creating A New Earth


Central Message

There are two primary aspects to The Law of Attraction: Making it Work for You! by Deborah Morrison and Arvind Singh. Firstly, the development of an expanded awarenss of abundance including a more comprehensive, holistic understanding of prosperity and secondly, practical approaches on how to make the Law of Attraction work for you. Have you already read about how to manifest abundance in your life and yet still feel like you need to learn more about how to really make the Law of Attraction work for you? The Law of Attraction: Making it Work for You! offers a rich, engaging and insightful journey that unveils your capacity to transform your life and provides you with easy steps that create total transformation and abundance in your life.

Understanding True Prosperity

The Law of Attraction: Making it Work For You by Deborah Morrison and Arvind Singh delves into the mystery of how to understand true prosperity. You may have tried to manifest abundance in your life, however what is true prosperity? Exploring the origins of the word prosperity and examining an all-encompassing definition of true prosperity, we find that development of character qualities is essential for wealth. You'll discover the importance of association with a Higher Power and activation of your inner Energy centres for increased balance and alignment. In this chapter, you learn how to increase the flow of money, abundance and well being in your life.

The Energy Of Symbols: Thinking In Images

Learn how symbols will help to attract what you want in your life. INvestigate the symbolism of Five Elements and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Both of them allow for the expansion of the Law of Attraction beyond previous understnading. Learn why a broader system with Five Key Energy Centres can allow for the Law of Attraction to work for you. Symbols are all around and you can use them in your life to develop your full potential, attract what you want and empower your intentions.

A New Era Of Universal Wellness

Remember that the Law of Attraction is really all about perspective and attitude.
Therefore, see your world as lifting out of mere survival and chaos, into a new era of Universal wellness, peace, and infinite possibility. In order to do this it is most important to acknowledge and appreciate all that you have right now, along with actively giving back to others. Amplify your vision of True Wealth and extend the benefits of prosperity for yourself and others in order to move beyond survival and into Wholeness.
With this approach you will experience accelerated results. Know that you have the power to access inner greatness, healthy living and radiant wealth.



Be Creators Of Wealth And Value

Intend wealth, peace and sustainable prosperity for yourself, everyone you know and for your global family. Be creators of wealth, value and virtue in order to activate the momentum/synergy of total personal prosperity, along with global wealth.
By maintaining an open mind along with a state of equanimity, you will accelerate the attraction of unlimited possibilities for growth and sustainable wealth creation.
We suggest that to further empower this process, consciously attract and share wealth, not only at a personal level but also at a global level.

Here is our Wealth Activation Formula:

  • Spirit
  • Believe
  • Activate
  • Receive

Direct your attention to the highest within your heart and know inspiration from the Divine. If you see your life as blessed and empowered then this attitude enhances your state of well-being and the flow of synchronistic universal energy in your life.
Send this awareness of well-being out to the world as a peaceful knowing trust that solutions to humanity's greatest challenges, as well as those of your own, exist within and are ready to be brought forward into our day to day experience.

See Your Life As Blessed And Empowered

Remember to activate your Will and direct your attention to the highest within your heart. Know the Creative Source at the centre of your heart to be inspiration from the Divine. If you see your life as blessed and empowered then this attitude enhances your state of well-being and the flow of synchronistic Universal energy in your life. Send this awareness of well-being out to the entire world as a peaceful knowing trust that solutions to humanity's greatest challenges (as well as your own personal challenges) exist within, and are ready to be brought forward by your ever-present, inherent power of co-creation with the Universe. Envision a world of peace and prosperity for everyone.

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The Law of Attraction: Making it Work For You

The Law of Attraction provides powerful insights about how to transform life for the better.

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© 2014 Deborah Morrison


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