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How To Select Better eBook Reader for Enjoyable Reading Experience

Updated on December 5, 2012

E-readers for Enjoyable Reading Experience

The main function of an e-book reader is to exhibit e-books. Ereaders are designed in such a way that it enhances readability and gives you a wonderful reading experience. Ereaders have got a long battery life when compared to PDAs and cell phones, which makes reading enjoyable. With the help of an ereader you can access various book sellers through internet. Free samples of books, portability and easy recharge ability are the main benefits of an ereader device.

What is the Best Option? E-readers, Tablets or Books

There is really no sense in comparing the advantages of an ereader and a tablet. It is true that the services provided by a tablet is not comparable to an ereader, but the closest experience of reading a real book is only available through an ereader.

Even though most of the people love the simplicity of real books, there is no need to demonize ereaders. The essence of a book really lies on the words in it. It can be attained through any means. So it is really not good comparing real books and e-books. It doesn’t make any difference as all are books. The e-ink feature of an ereader doesn’t give strain to your eyes when compared to a backlit computer screen.

Factors to be Noted While Selecting E-reader

An actual book reading feeling is obtained from the eraders that provide e-ink technology. Colour ereaders make images and movies come to life. Navigation in readers is possible either through buttons or touch screen. Screen size and weight of ereaders also vary. The battery life of the ereader is an essential thing to be noted. More reading options are available if it supports more file types. There are many more additional options for an ereader that makes it superior. Select the one that suits all your need.

Five Best ebook Readers

  1. Amazon Kindle: Most common ereader in market. It has a high contrast e-ink display. A large number of books can be stored in to it from the kindle store. Books can be down loaded any where in 3G models. The built-in browser provides surfing.
  2. Barnes and Noble Nook/Nook Color: The original Nook is well-known for its e-ink display, slim profile and affordable rate. Nook color even though costly, has a modified version of Android and a brilliant touch screen. They are unbeatable at that price range.
  3. Apple i-pad: Even though not strictly an ereader, it can be used to side load e-books through e-book stores. It is much more than an ereader. Still it performs all the functions of an ereader fairly well.
  4. Kobo: It supports open e-pub and PDF documents. It has a good capacity to side load books from stores. It is admired for its long battery life.
  5. Sony digital reader: it is one of the first ereaders in market. When compared to its competitors its e-book store is not very large.

E-Reader Comparison - Which eReader is right for you?

Upload Your Ereader With Ebooks

Overdrive is a company that has partnership with a lot of institutes throughout the world and helps to access e-books on your device. It works on Mac OS systems, Windows computers, IOS devices, Android devices, and Windows Phones.

The safest way to upload your ereader with e-books is to borrow them from your nearest library. First of all you have to find out whether your library provides e-books.

Type your postal code after clicking library search. Before leaving for the library make it sure that the book is available there. Online check outs are allowed in some libraries. But some require you to check them in the library itself. Free downloading of books is also possible.

Earlier there were only two or three types of ereaders in the market. They are Kindle, Nook and I-pad. But now Amazone alone provides different new models of ereaders.

More and more readers are now making their switch to ereaders because of its affordable price, convenient storage, portability and versatility. It is the best option to carry countless books with you wherever you go. It is easy to take notes, clip and save favourite quotations and highlight passages you want to find again with an ereader.

A variety of ereaders are now available in market, from which choosing the one that meets your needs have become very simple.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi greatstuff,

      I hope that the hub on ereaders was useful and informative for you. Thanks for leaving the comment.

    • greatstuff profile image

      Mazlan 4 years ago from Malaysia

      I used Kobo before and I think it is a good app. Now with my Samsung Note II, I used Aldiko. Not as good as Kobo, but it served the purpose of reading my eBook