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I Push On And So Can You

Updated on May 28, 2015

People Keep Me Guessing

When I found a way to change my day

I was more than excited

To take my thoughts and improve on them

Then I couldn't wait to show others

So they can make their life better too

Little did I realize people don't want help

They are happy with their negative attitudes and sad circumstances

They complain but don't want to change

They want to bring you down

When all I wanted to do is lift them higher

So I slowed up

Kept all my tips and suggestions to myself

I take time to rethink each thought

Why would someone want to stay unhappy when they could feel good ?

Wouldn't we all feel better ?

Helping each other every chance we get

I am confused

It costs nothing to help others

First they have to want to help themselves

As life would have it

Soon we separate and disappear

Each choosing our own path

I will always search for ways to enjoy life a little more

I let you do what you want

Finding fault and mistakes along your journey

Until we meet again one day years in the future

To trade stories of our life and our adventures we have encountered

I learned long ago

There are many choices and ways to do anything

Some ways are better than others

I don't know about you

I am bubbling with ideas and dreams

Waiting for each day to bring me an inch more happiness

I am exploding at the seams

As our paths cross again

Hoping that your path brought you more of what you want

Each a lot older now and smarter than before

Every day we left a trail to follow

Leading by example so children can also choose the life they want

Finding their way in this wonderful world

Living out their life to it's greatest potential

Enjoying all they see with their mind and body

Now it is up to them

To live a life that they sculptured

In to a work of art

To be admired and desired


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Michael-Milec When we open our hearts and minds to helping others anything is possible. We get to experience marvelous life. It starts with the miracle of being born and never stops. I am happy that you are the first to comment as for so many of my hubs. You once again brought my lips to a smile that will stay for a long time. Thank you for reading and sharing.

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 2 years ago

      Very interesting 'idea'. You are reminding me of an enthusiastic couple teaching people to 'want' succeed . They pointed to miraculous deeds of Jesus , giving instruction to the followers to say " If Jesus did it I can do it too." At a time these people were over 168 years young combined , showing results in their " I can do it too."

      "So can you" - every one of us "can"- each of us is unique with gift of talents, no one is "special" we only have ' 'special' achievements. ..

      Voted up.

      Have a great new week .