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Updated on July 19, 2017


Quiet yet loud
Silent yet proud
I lie above a crowd
In a soft grey cloud
The things below are well endowed
Given a special noise for each vow
I listen
Promises made
I wait
Covenants decayed
Broken trust therein lays
As I listen to the sea of life all day
One thought I must say
"Why would you make such a claim?"
"T'is all but a game"
"A game which lots of emotions are thrown?"
"Yes" the crowd replies in a sarcastic tone
"Why would you even ponder such a gamble?"
Without a conclusion they continued to ramble
Stories unfold
They panic the question "why?"
Lies be told
Many of them begin to cry
And back to the ways of old
I listen once again with a sigh
As I listen to them lie. lie. lie.


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