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.. May be some other date!

Updated on December 26, 2011

Memories of March!

"Do you think, it’s looking nice?”-- Roop quizzically looked through the mirror while appreciating her new hair style.

“Looking perfect maam”-- the new hair dresser of the aristocrat parlor answered with a half smile.

“Don’t you think that I need an herbal facial also? There are expression lines around my eyes!” — Roop’s voice almost faded as she scrutinized herself on the mirror. Age has made its presence felt in her face. Roop has gained few extra kilos and the fleshy tyres are hanging loosely !

“Ah .. Do something to make me look attractive! … Roop commanded

“Mam I think a massage will do good and then followed by a no makeup look! How do you like the idea?” Kim, the hair dresser asked.

“Perfect. But make it fast… I have anappointmentat 5.30PM”.

“Right maam”

“….Hold my hand .. close your eyes .. I will take you to the eternity” Roop opened the book and glanced through the writing once again, perhaps for the hundredth time. How many years should it be since she is not in touch with Deshraj a decade may be! If not more.

They both were in Scottish Church College, English department, when for the very first time Roop fell in love with Deshraj. Many sleepless nights, countless speechless evenings finally ended into nothingness as Roop got married to Jojo Roy , the finance expert, right after her masters and Deshraj went to England for further studies.

Yes, that was the end of the affair and it was after a decade later on that quiet Friday afternoon as Roop was idly lying on bed her cell rang. Generally Jojo never calls around this time and children remain at school so afternoon is typically her own time.. very own moments to rediscover her loneliness.

The cell rang indefatigably.. “Hello” Roop answered

“Am I speaking to Mrs Roy ?”

“Yes you are . who is this please “

Must be from the NGO…. Roop thought as she waited for the stranger to answer.

“Roop…. Deshraj here !”

Memories rolled out making Roop numb.

“Hi Raj.. how are you?”

“I am fine. Roop, what are you doing tomorrow evening at 5.30 pm?”

“Nothing actually. Why ?”

“Want to catch up with you, Roop! Come down to 23, camac street .. at 5.30 that’s my office. Will wait for you. Do not miss!

“Tomorrow right ?” Roop asked


“Okay. I will be there at 5.30”


Bye… Roop hung the phone and the first thing she did is - booking Kim for anew hair styleon Friday afternoon.

“Mam” … Kim’s voice jolted Roop as she emerged from her thought!

Maam its almost 5 PM and look at yourself, you look so gorgeous” Kim smiles

Roop appreciated her large brown eyes, her carefully concealed fine lines.. A few dab of pink lipstick and now she is almost ready to go to camac street.

Even at 5 in the evening it’s still so hot .. Roop waited for a cab to show up. There is no cab so she decided to walk down a stop to get a cab.

Taxi … she called a number of times but all in vain. None of the cab driver took any interest. Roop was sweating, her make up almost went off , her lipstick felt sticky on her lips!

Even at 5 in the evening its still so hot .. Roop waited for a cab to show up. There is no cab so she decided to walk down a stop to get a cab.

Taxi … she called a number of times but all in vain. None of the cab driver took any interest. Roop was sweating, her make up almost went off , her lipstick felt sticky on her lips!

The cell was ringing. Who could it be! Must be Jojo, Roop digged the cell out of her hidesign leather bag.

Hello” Roop answered

Hi Roop ..Raj here .. Reemi my wife has dropped in, will have to take her to shopping and then dinner. Well, what are you doing next week? Wait wait.. next week I will be out for a business meet I am afraid I cannot make it this time! At least not this evening so may be some other day…

O okay, not a problem Raj. Enjoy your date! Roop swallowed , her mouth was completely dry.

Deshraj hung the phone. May be some other day… his voice echoed in her ears while hanging there, making the sultry evening even more suffocative.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Roop could clearly feel her mascara almost ruining!

May be some other day.. She whispered as she waited there for a cab to come. She needs to be at her home right now! She needs to see her wardrobe inside which she has still kept her memories of March so very eloquently, which she still hugs so very closely! Her Deshraj is with her, in her memories, in her dream, in her concept - the lipstick felt even stickier now!


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