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**** Me In Hell

Updated on April 11, 2016

O the feel of seduction
As I'm burning in you
The abyss abducts
As I fall to the beneath
To claim my lover again

I have no mercy
My body of wickedness
Brings me to you
And here I am
For the image to stain

I live once more
In flames I adore
I have come to see
Would you believe


I want you to fuck me in hell
I want you to love me once again
I want you to fuck me in hell
Adore me until the final kill

A sinner as you know me
I am filled with wrong
I do not care at all
The dance shall begin
As I feel it though

My spirit roams for you
It is colored in black
The red for your lust
For a second heart attack
And all comes so true

I live to kiss
Burning with love
In fires, I miss
I'm descending from above


(Guitar Solo)

I want to feel everything
No shame I live
All the demons shall sing
I won't ever forgive

(Chorus) x 2


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