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The Mystery Rider Chapter 1

Updated on September 11, 2014

Chapter 1 The Arrival

In every particle that we can or cannot see there is existence,

The presence of the particle is universal,

Within us or around us, it is equally distributed,

If you love existence then love every one,

The particle is the same and it will always remain around

On a quiet evening as it rained a sudden burst of loud music disturbed the peace in the usually quiet Housing Society of Campus Four. A man was dancing on the top floor terrace of the A wing. The people who usually loved their own peace and welcomed only their type of people were stunned by the display of dance in an apartment which was dark for a very long time.

The families who lived in this place were the ones who liked people who only worked in a regular office and between a routine shift of between 9 and 6 pm. They were chirpy enjoyed socializing, gossiping and being within themselves. But all were new to this loud music followed by a man dancing on the terrace.

This went on for a few minutes, however was sufficient to attract everyone’s attention. The focus was changed all of a sudden as everyone wondered who the person is dancing like a madman in these heavy rains.

The rains were a mere short shower from the heavens and it disappeared as it appeared. And so did the mystery man along with the rain. And then the apartment was back to its usual darkness. Everyone wondered who this man is and what he is doing out there.

This now became a discussion of the entire apartment as everyone wanted to know who this mystery man was. The dance was the discussion of the entire township of 200 apartments within the vicinity. Everyone was interested in knowing who this guy is.

Next morning an emergency meeting was called and they went on to discuss the mystery man in this usually quiet society. Every Person was keen on knowing who the new guy is. The Head of the Society was expecting all possible theories coming down to him.

As all the members gathered together the head of the society of Campus Four called for silence. He read out the purpose of the meeting.

1: To update the unusual event that all of them noticed last evening.

2: To let people know what information they have on the person.

3: To understand what information others may have on the person.

4: To gather and investigate further what needs to be done n the given.


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    • Aniket Lawand profile image

      Aniket Lawand 3 years ago from Pune, India

      The Hub is deleted from the earlier Website and very soon I will be in a position to Publish this. I will give it a 24 hour cooling period and then publish it again. Thanks. :)

    • Aniket Lawand profile image

      Aniket Lawand 3 years ago from Pune, India

      I have requested for deleting the content from the earlier website and then I will republish the same. Please advice if can do so?