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Sober Up

Updated on November 2, 2015

Ill take two more hits then its time to get sober,

cus its time to go get that good fortune like clovers,

wondering when this bad luck streak will be over,

Cus we're having to fight just to survive like we're soldiers

but the real wars inside of our minds no exposure,

you see the look on my face, yet my words say im fine

but we know things arent kosher,

see we're raised in a state of having to look over our shoulders,

rough times, dark mind, false doctrines, having us lose our shine like foreclosure,

and the world just gets worst the more we grow older,

the rich just get richer while the poor just get poorer,

so hold that flame up i told her, so my heart wont turn colder,

let my lungs fill with smoke, one more toke then i hold her,

around my waist like a holster, but if i dont see you in myself,

my secrets arent for disclosure, they stay sealed up and classified

like top secret folders, see companionship is a choice i prefer being a loner,

but for now lets lay back, relax and smoke some doja while we get high and discuss life like we're stoners.



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