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~ " S " ence ~

Updated on May 22, 2015

~ " S " ence ~

Swarthy Senorita, swathed in sassy, sensuous scenes;

Surveying silent souls, selling sordid,secret schemes.

Sparsely sown surprise, supports superfluous, strident stealth;

Stalling, shady strangers, stretching stories of sorry self.

Soundly-spoken syllables, sail like slowly-swimming streams;

Stormy-sprinkled speeches, showing symptoms of strained seams.

Shrewdly, stark, sequacious, Suzy soothes sagacious shocks;

Swooping, sure sequences, soundly sporting shares and stocks.

Suggestions, surreptitiously, smother Spring's sweet Summer song;

Serious seductive smiles, show her singing's, swinging strong.

Sunny showers signal September's sneaky survival streak;

Stellar-strewn striations spawn a subtle sign she seeks.

Strolled, subjective sentiments,sustained in swift sweet subdivisions;

Superimposed subjoinder,subdues selective speech submissions.

Storing special sayings, stashed like scabbard-sealed swords;

Serrated-steel sounds, safely stored in scribbled scores.



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