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Updated on August 14, 2012

I can hear the song bird sing,

I can feel the joy you bring,

You are truly special!!!

You are really sweet!!!

Why do you stare through me?

I know I'm not a ghost!!!

I like your new pajamas,

I too like jelly on my toast.

I want to talk to you while your walking down the street, you just stare right through me, miss fast on her feet.

I know your first name's Alice, I heard your brother Joe, call out to you while you were shopping at the mall.

Who is it that is pregnant?

Why did you buy a baby gown?

Oh!!! it must be your best friend Brenda,

I noticed she put on some pounds.

After you take your shower,

I wish you would stand more to the left,

It's a better angle where I see you the best.

I need to look at you in person,

I'm outside in your tree,

It's funny!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha He!!!!!!!

Your standing in the window staring right at me.

I love the house you live in,

At one time it was mine,

I sold it for back taxes,

Now you own it,

That's just fine.

You are truly special, you are really sweet,

I'll be watching over you until the day we meet.

Goodnight my dear Alice,

let your dreams be really special,

let your dreams be truly sweet


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    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 5 years ago this piece - it's creepy - like a wolf in sheep's clothing - coming off like a nice guy but there's something insidious, dark and evil underneath - I like the open optimistic tone of the piece which hides a more sinister intent in mind - brilliant and awesome - I am inspired - maybe it's time for me for write my stalker piece - lake erie time ontario canada 9:10pm