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They Still Color Us Black

Updated on February 24, 2015

Hundreds of years ago the elderly of the family told stories to their children about the Mother Country "Africa" Back then there was no Television late Saturday afternoon men, women and children would gather around the Elderly to hear stories told to them by their ancestors about how Blacks came to this country.For generation the stories was told from to family's and friends. The stories begin with the elderly telling the stories like their parent told the.

We here because our people was force to leave Africa at gun point . They came to this country, our ancestors was treated worst than animals.. They wanted us as slaves so our people could help built this country.

Back in villages of Africa stories were told about our great- great-great grandparents and the pale white men who took our people away. Some of our folks came from Africa with their legs and arms shackled and yolks around their necks in the bottom of ships.

One night villages was raided as they slept, by pale skinned whites. Men women and children was taken leaving the elderly and young babies to basically to die.

The ships was dirty and stinky with men, women and children chained together; they was crammed into every part of the ship. The smell of dead folk stink all over the ship some was chain to dead bodies. Sick Slaves were dumped into the ocean.. A few refuse to eat, they gave up and was instantly killed. Strong men and women was beating by soldiers until they ate .

When the slave ship reached America ,white folk was told that a ship of slaves would be coming in and local newspaper printed stories. Household owners and plantation owners, as well as professional slave dealers, came down to the docks to select who they wanted. Some of of our people was sold as house servants and others was sold as field hands. Signs was nailed on the dock Negroes for sale.$1200 to $1250 for a strong Black men.

This new world was unfriendly to our people,white people looked at slaves half naked bodies and bare feet,pointing and making fun of their color.

Some house masters slaves taught slaves how to read and write because their children was in their care. Blacks have come a long ways but we never will be free.


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