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" Talking Clay" A Poetic Thought on Creation

Updated on March 19, 2012


Silent Streams

Whispering Winds

Thunderous Clouds....

The Morning's Awakening

The Noon's Cherished Gaiety

Becomes the Nights Hidden Secrets.....

Such is the Journey of the Seasons.

Oh...And Then came a Baby's Cry

And a Child's Laughter

Formed by a Woman's Beauty

Who was Loved by a Man's Strength.

In the Garden.....Two Lover's Joy

And Then Our Life is Spent.....

Such is the Talking Clay...

And Such is the Gift of Being made Alive

Formed by the Breath of God that Day!

@1996 Gregory Booker

This is a poem that attempts to capture the creative process of nature and the element of the clay in the ground from which sprouted forth a living being of free will. My poetic objective or desire was to cover as much "vastness" possible with the fewest of words.


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    • gregb4hope profile image

      gregb4hope 2 years ago from El Paso TX

      God owns not only the power to create but within those things made they can evolve as the basis of evolution.

    • gregb4hope profile image

      gregb4hope 3 years ago from El Paso TX

      Thanks for your comment, Sonya. Forgive me for being so late on that!

    • Sonya L Morley profile image

      Sonya L Morley 5 years ago from Edinburgh

      I love the lines "Formed by a Woman's Beauty, Who was loved by a Man's Strength." Wonderful imagery, great poem. Voted up!

    • gregb4hope profile image

      gregb4hope 5 years ago from El Paso TX

      Didn't realize I had to approve your comment!

    • gregb4hope profile image

      gregb4hope 5 years ago from El Paso TX

      Thank you for your kind words. It's been in my closet, buried, so now I cast it out to the wind. I can only be honored that you would ask to share it. Yes you may. I like to think it declares God creative hand at work.

    • shea duane profile image

      shea duane 5 years ago from new jersey

      I LOVE it, Greg! I really do. I'm currently working on a degree in Theology and am currently taking a Creation course. If it's OK, I'd like to share this poem with my classmates...