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Tell Me Why

Updated on October 20, 2014

Tell Me Why

Tears flowed

When I hit an all-time low

Still wondering why you said good bye

While leaving your footprints

In the perfectly fallen snow

I don’t understand how

A love like ours

Became ashes in my hands

Just to be washed away

With every tear I cry,

Please tell me why

Why did you leave me here all alone

With unanswered questions

That came from a heart made of stone

Thought that you were the love

The one I could always trust

But I guess that you don’t care

That I was the one

Who was left in the dust

Please tell me why

I am pleading with you now

Even though it will not give me comfort

But clarity I need to desperately find

Please tell me why

You refusing to give me

The closure I need

Just please tell me why


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