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The Earthquake of 8 October 2005 Pakistan

Updated on September 1, 2019
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Muhammad Rafiq is a freelance writer, blogger, and translator with a master's degree in English literature from the University of Malakand.

Margalla Tower that Collapsed During the Earthquake 2005
Margalla Tower that Collapsed During the Earthquake 2005 | Source

The Earthquake of 2005

It was 8th October, 2005! I was delivering a lecture at Cadet College, Chakdara, when suddenly I felt the whole building shaking like a cradle. The students, who were female, began screaming and they, without any hesitation and delay, rushed to the stairs to get down so that to take shelter in a safer place. The earthquake jolted the whole building in such a way that many students, who were not mentally strong, could not bear the brunt of the earthquake and got fainted at the spot. Many children, male and female, got nervous and began screaming. It was just like a doomsday. Everybody was out of senses and could not know what to do except to raise their hands and pray.

The earthquake stopped, but its aftershocks continued for a week. After interval of two or three minutes, there was an aftershock, which was not less than the main earthquake in its magnitude. When, I came back to my village, I was bewildered to see that most of the buildings in my village have collapsed due to severe force of the earthquake. It not only destroyed the infrastructure, but likewise killed many people.

Kashmir was the main target of the Earthquake of 2005. It brought unbelievable catastrophes in the areas of Kashmir, especially at Bala Kot. It not only damaged the infrastructure but took away precious lives of children, men and women. It left heartbreaking effects on mind, which I have reproduced in the following poem. I hope, you people will like it!


Have you ever experienced such an incident? If yes, how did you feel?

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The Poem

How horrible was that earthquake!

When, it forced the earth to shake.

Under the force of its heavy lash,

Everything was compelled to crash.

Buildings bowed before its force,

Rivers changed their course,

The earth split into many parts,

Causing failure of thousand hearts

Of the people, who had no chance,

Other than to rejoice,

The bitter cup of that inevitable demise.

An ocean of tears began to flow,

A gale of sighs began to blow,

When every mother of Kashmir,

When every father of Kashmir,

Beheld their innocent kids,

Lying on their death beds.

We know not, "What was the cause?"

But it brought life to pause.

At the orders of its Maker,

It made Kashmir God's Acre.

Now you can never realize,

That Kashmir was once paradise.

Now only Narcissus blooms

Upon their earthen dooms!!





© 2014 Muhammad Rafiq


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