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-The Gift-

Updated on April 17, 2012

-The Gift-

School had been Sharon' s entire life, 'Sharon Steuben' was in her freshman year at 'Wells college' in 'Aurora' New York, she was a outspoken liberal who spent most of her high school years debating old politics with her father, 'Morris Steuben' over coffee, 'Morris Steuben' has and always will be a die hard conservative.

Well she remained top of the -Deans- list while she attended 'Wells' College.

It was 1998 the internet was in it's baby years, growing fast. To keep Sharon plugged into the future with out delay 'Morris' felt she should have her own computer linked to the -World Wide Web-.

'Morris Steuben' was a man who understood the importance of people being able to advance into the future using the availability of technology, yet he understood the dangers that could lye ahead also. Morris made it very clear to Sharon to use the computer for progressing in school, not to use it for fraternizing.

Sharon promised, "Dad I will only use it for my study's, I'll get all the fraternizing I need when I have my masters in -Sociology/Criminology-".

Being the responsible young lady Mr. Steuben's daughter had always been, he trusted she would take all the per-cautions in staying safe.

Sharon became addicted to the chats sites almost instantly after receiving this gift from her father, being such a sheltered child in high school, she fell in love with the attention that the chat rooms offered.

Sharon' s room mate 'Jenny', worried for Sharon, Sharon was spending all of her free time in front of this computer, while Jenny was going out on dates with boys, and wondering what fraternity she was going to join.

While on line in one of the secure chat rooms that Sharon frequently visited, she met 'Adam?159', 'Adam?159' spoke to her in ways no one has ever spoke to her in her life, Adam spoke to her with a manipulative, seductive tongue, It absolutely turned Sharon on in ways she never thought possible, with his words her nipples blossomed, She felt electric between her thighs.

Sharon felt obligated in confiding in her room mate, due to the fact 'Jenny' started showing a great deal of concern.

Sharon had told Jenny that 'Adam?159' had offered to pay her Air fair, to and from -Palm Beach Florida- Jenny was instantly worried, Jenny stated, "You do not even know this guy Sharon", Sharon proclaimed, "Yes I do Jenny, I've been chatting with him for months, he is the sweetest guy a girl could ever have the pleasure of getting to know, he is 22 and owns his own beach house, he drives a corvette, that's all besides the point, he has a very sweet heart, I can tell by the things he says to me, He is the one for me". "I'm going Jenny, your just jealous".

Jenny did not know what to think of that, "Your a virgin, you are!!! aren't you, well honey all I can say to you is chase your dreams, you only live ounce, Just be safe and enjoy your spring break".

Well the months moved steadily by, for Sharon they felt forever, She wondered if the tickets were going to arrive, or if it was just a false.

It was three days before the start of spring break, Jenny heard a loud knock at the door, Sharon was in the shower getting cleaned up from dissecting pig lungs in science lab, Jenny yelled, "SLUT!!!! your tickets are here", Sharon felt an abundance of joy take over her body, and that electric shock of lust form between her legs.

The tickets were dated for April 20th, "Oh my god!!!! that's tonight" Sharon yelled, "Shit, Shit Shit", Sharon yelled, Jenny stated, "Don't worry girl, some friends, and yours truly are heading into Syracuse in an hour, you can ride with us to Syracuse and take the bus from down town to Hancock airport.

Sharon thought "well this is great, in ten hours, I will be in his arms, the man of my dreams".

The drive to Syracuse was really quick, due to the fact Jenny's boy friend was driving, and he has a lead foot.

Sharon was dropped off at the Syracuse bus station she purchased a ticket to the Hancock airport. She thinks to her self, "It's 4:20 now, in three and half hours I will be on flight to Florida, to Adam". Butter fly's form in Sharon' s stomach as the Train she is to board is announced on the over head speakers.

bus 221, everybody seated the fat man sitting behind the wheel spouted", The Diesel engine sounds loudly as Sharon races to get her seat.

On the bus Sharon Stares off into space, day dreaming almost instantly, before she could even bat an eye, she was sleeping.

Sharon awoke to the fat man saying, "Next stop Hancock!!!!" then the fat man chuckled.

Sharon was beyond the point of butterfly's in her stomach, she was love drunk.

The good thing was as she stood in the terminal at the Hancock airport was there were only Fifteen minutes before Pan-Am flight 119- arrived to take her to the man she has longed for, for months.

Sharon thinks, "I can't believe my eye's" as she walks out of the airport and see's Adam in a Candy Apple Red Corvette Convertible, revving the motor, holding a sign that said Sharon Steuben.

Sharon felt comfortable, and jumped right in, with out a clue what to say.

Adam asked her, "How would ya like to get something to eat beautiful", She felt like ice melting when she heard him call her beautiful, she said, "Good I'm starving", He replied, " I know a nice place on the beach, the Carlton". She wondered if they served hamburgers, and giggled out loud.

After dinner he took her for a moonlit walk on the -Palm Beach- sands, he walked her right up to the beach mansion, and said "Welcome home my dear", as they entered through the gates of this huge -Palm Beach- estate, she wondered, but did not ask how he could afford all this, she was just taking by surprise.

While inside he gave her a tour of the estate, he asked her, "would you care for a glass of red wine", how adult she felt, as she sheepishly excepted.

After the glass of wine he played -Always- by Bon Jovi, Knowing through chat this was her favorite song, after the song it was late so he invited her to the master bedroom, he stated, "You may have the master bed, "I'll sleep in one of the guest rooms", She responded fast, " How are you going to hold me from there?".

That night was romantic, he held her all night long, breathing down the side of her neck.

The next day, the last day she was to visit, before she had to be back in New York, he suggested they spend at a private part of the beach, swimming, and whale watching, Sharon eagerly excepted.

After breakfast they dressed in there swimming suits, to hike to the private beach Adam was so eager to introduce to Sharon, before they made it out the door, the telephone rang!!!! Adam pretended not to hear it, and left, the answering machine picked up,

"Charles you son of a bitch, this is Avery, my house better be in good hands!!!!! my car better not have one scratch in it, if it does your not getting paid, and I'll kick your ass.

Down on the beach is where it all happened, It is where Adam swept Sharon off her feet. Adam told her tales of pirates, they went out swimming, made love swimming, kissed, made love in the sand, made love on the rocks, and ate a great picnic lunch of codfish, wine, and shrimp salad, with lemon pie.

They talked, and talked for hours, Sharon stated, "I'm falling in love with you", He stated, "I know it's fast, we only been together two days, but I think I'm falling in love with you, I started falling in love with you Sharon online months ago", She stated, "Me too", they kissed under the sunset, then walked back to the estate.

While they were at the estate, Adam, over a glass of wine, got down on one knee and proposed, He said, "I did not plan on this, I do not have a ring right now, but I love you", Sharon responded, "I love you too, I accept",

They both understood that Sharon had to wrap up her life in New york before they could get married, Adam promised the ring in two weeks on Sharon s return to Florida.

Standing in the airport, waiting for Sharon s flight to arrive, Adam handed her a small gift, wrapped in teddy bear wrapping paper, he stated, "It is important you do not open this until you're up in the air on your way home.

She smiled and promised, not to open it until she was in the air.

Flight 119 was called, Sharon waved goodbye as she boarded.

It was about a hour into her flight when Sharon realized she had forgotten about the gift, she wondered excitedly what it was? as she anxiously pealed off the teddy bear wrapping paper.

funny Sharon thought as she looked at the little hand crafted box that sat in her hand, "This looks like a miniature coffin", Sharon realized that the top of the wooden box could be removed,

She removed the top of the hand crafted wooden coffin, inside she pulled out a little paper note, on the note written in small satanic looking letters were these words.....(welcome to the world of Aids).



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    • Matthew Weese profile image

      Matthew Weese 5 years ago from Auburn

      I revised this piece. hope you enjoy the read.

    • profile image

      Raymond O'Shea 6 years ago

      That was awesome lol.