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The silence of the illiterate............poem

Updated on November 18, 2014

For my Father

dThe only time I saw a pencil in your hands
was to mark the edge of the wood
A measure for later cutting once asked
"I don't write so good"

Nor speak in language of the statesman
yet listen to what I saw
I saw the way men watched you
my interpretation young and raw

I saw how wise men envied you
how smart men furrowed brow
No you hardly wrote your name
yet I wish that I could know

How it can be that all men wonder
and envy a simple man
As if they could not master nor earn
the wonders you'd understand

I watched as powerful men groveled
low at your steady gaze
And those who never even saw the
sword envied a soldiers days

No my father the truth is out you never
signed your name
Yet once you walked through the literal world
the world was not the same

Let the scholars write of their accounts
let the kings and queens pose as they may
Let them all envy my father the man
as they do tis very day


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