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Those The Gods Love

Updated on October 8, 2014

When death takes the young, is it different?

Approaching my four score, some would say I have had a good life.  Is that because it has been long?  What a silly way to measure a life!
Approaching my four score, some would say I have had a good life. Is that because it has been long? What a silly way to measure a life! | Source

"Those the gods love die young." It's an ancient saying believed once to be true. Can we believe it today, also?

Those who commit suicide intending to violently maim and kill indiscriminately in markets, schools, on city streets, even at checkpoints, training centers, and office buiildings, have obviously no concern for the 10 Commandments of Moses' days, or the laws of civilized societies today.

In fact they have it backwards. They have been promised much by those who only encourage and incite them to violence, but never carry out such "heroic deeds" for their own rewards of virgins, immediate paradise as martyrs, for some cause they describe is "worth dying for."

The predominant religious thought of today is that such assassinations and mass murders are rewarded in the next life only with condemnation and the wrath of hell and possible reincarnation in a less than human form.

What do you suppose would happen, if such idealistic martyr candidates were to say to their recruiters, "I will go locked arm in arm with you to those virgins, and that paradise you promise! After all, if it is all you make it out to be, why wouldn't you want it, too? Let's go!"?

It never pays to make fun of death, especially as a bad joke.

Admittedly death comes to us all. We are mortal. This is mortality. And, if nothing else, we simply wear out, just as my mother did a month shy of living to 105 and a half.

Somehow we see it as especially tragic when a newborn survives only a short time after birth, or a child succumbs to a cancer, an accident, or even one of those misguided suicide bombers. Some would even want to blame God for letting "bad things happen to good people" (Recently that was the number one question people around the world said they would ask as their first question, if they could ask God any question and hear His answer)

It is somehow less tragic in popular opinion, when an aged parent leaves mortality in the ripeness of their years.

Yet, consider this: newspapers around the world cheered when an 82 year old woman survived for days in the rubble of an earthquake in India and was pulled to safety by her rescuers, dehydrated, but alive.

Anciently, the saying that "Those the gods love die young" was accepted as explanation enough for why young deaths occurred, but the tragedy was the same. In that day and age it was enough to think that the gods wanted such youth back with them.

Today many believe that "bad things happen to good people" so that the "bad" people who cause such things can be judged righteously for their misdeeds.

If you are a parent today who has lost a child, a youth, or anyone to senseless violence, disease, or other tragedy, you will come to terms with the loss, but never completely, focusing on the good memories may have to suffice, until God Himself, His Spirit, or another divinely inspired explanation can give you the real comfort you stand in need of.

If you believe, as many do, that "there are no coincidences in life," perhaps the gradual or sudden loss will lead you where you would otherwise not have gone, even to a joy and understanding you would not have found in any other than this painful way.

Perhaps some comfort will come after all.



Copyright 2014 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 3 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Gypsy Rose Lee - Two of the 17 grandchildren.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      There are incredible things happening every day. I believe we each have our destiny and if we're meant to survive and live a long life we will. I believe in these things and in guardian angels. Passing this on. I love those photos are they your grandchildren?


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