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Time for a Dream Chapter 6

Updated on April 12, 2011

Time for a Dream About A Pink Rose Chapter 6

When I resigned from State Insurance Company, I stayed home for several months as I realized I needed some much needed rest.

During this time, James received numerous calls from the secretary for his primary contractor, now that he was in the home building business. After hearing several of the conversations, I concluded that he was having an affair. I did not care at all.

I couldn't stand being around him any longer. I secured a position as a cashier at Carolina National Bank on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

The drive back and forth from Savannah to work was long and tiresome. I remembered what my angels had told me and I asked for help to find an affordable place to stay in Hilton Head.

Within two days, one of the ladies at the bank told me she had an empty apartment over her garage. She would rent it to me for two hundred dollars per month. I eagerly said "I'll take it" without even seeing the place. Again I was very thankful for the help from the other side.

The apartment was in the exclusive section of "Palmetto Dunes" and within a fifteen minute drive to the bank. It had been built for my co-worker's father-in-law, but he had died unexpectedly.

The metal stairs on the outside of the garage were very private. The steps went up to the twenty four by thirty feet room which was decorated in bamboo furniture with bright yellow, white, and green fabric for the cushions, draperies and bedspread. The bathroom was very spacious with a large tub. Against the wall, a large mirror hung over a five foot counter; the counter space was perfect for my microwave and small coffee pot, as there was no kitchen. Everything looked and smelled new, including the spring green plush carpet.

I felt very blessed. My days were busy, but since I wanted nothing to do with dating or going out at night, I secured a second job at the newly opened "Pig Trail" restaurant and bar as the cashier from six pm until midnight,

My life went by in a haze of working at the bank and working at the bar-b-cue restaurant. I was so busy, I had little time to think about any of life's negative situations. I thought that I would be able to forget Richard, as it had been over four years since I had contact with him, but the memory of our moments in time were etched into my heart and soul.

I made a deliberate decision: I would not let myself give into useless sentiments and romantic daydreams.

On the weekends, I called my sons to let them know what I was doing and that I was all right.

My second son, Chase, was a senior in high school; Dave, who was one year, one week, and one day younger than Chase, was a junior. Blake, now twenty two, was working at a local gypsum plant and living with a girlfriend.

Eventho' their day to day routine had not been disturbed, I did not like the idea of my sons having to live through a divorce between their parents during the last months of their time in high school.

I decided to return home during the Christmas holidays; I had been gone for over ten months.

After hours of talking, James made a promise to be open to conversation and not to refer to our discussions as "bitching sessions" He even made a list of things that would help our marriage including putting me at the top of his list. I told him that I felt as if I was not on his list; that I was not even on the page.

James was used to me handling all the necessary bill paying, including having all the insurance premiums for our medical, life, and disability taken out of my paycheck. He promised to take an interest in the household budget and contribute to the expenses, which he did for a while.

I sincerely tried to change my attitude toward James. I sought to appreciate him and the fact that he was working now as a home builder. He had the patience to train all three sons as carpenters and he sincerely loved them.

Chase graduated from high school receiving numerous awards in sports and science. He decided to attend a local college and get a degree in Building Management. Dave graduated the next year and immediately went to work for his dad full time. Blake, now in his twenties, worked for James' home building business also.

During this time period, James willingly came to my bed and we shared an intimate time together. The Lord knew the desire of my heart was to have a daughter and when I was forty four, I became pregnant.

Because of my age, my doctor wanted me to have an abortion. I was most upset that he had even suggested an abortion, so I asked the Lord for a sign to help me make a decision.

I dreamed of a beautiful pink rose bud that opened up to full bloom... just like in a slow motion movie. When I awoke, I knew I was going to have a girl and that we would be just fine. And that is exactly what happened. My daughter came into the world in perfect health: my own pink rose. 

The story of Joseph in the Old Testament, who was able to understand and interpret dreams, came to mind and I was very happy.



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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Thank,s for sharing . It,s more interesting as each chapter enfolds.


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