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Time for Traveling - Chapter 9

Updated on October 25, 2011

Time for Traveling Chapter 9

During the years I worked for State Insurance and American Insurance companies, the convention trips had been fun and exciting. I loved traveling to places I had only read about. The flight to and from Hawaii was smooth and one of the longest I had ever been on. It was my son's first time to go out of the continental United States. He had a delightful time tasting the "wine and women of Waikiki".

Leigh, now thirteen, was somewhat jealous that I was going on the "fun filled" trips and she had to stay home. She was so happy to find out that her French teacher had made plans for the class to go to Europe. Her teacher was from France and arranged an exchange student program with a former instructor who taught English in the small village of Deitwilder near the France and German border.

I was pleased when Leigh asked if I would be a chaperon.

The group of twelve students, four teachers, and one other parent besides me, left for Paris in the month of June with passports in hand.

We visited the Eiffel Tower that first night, had dinner aboard a riverboat on the Seine, and toured all the sights of the "city of lights" for three days.

The group rode in a very comfortable tour bus east to a true little village near the German border, in the region of Lorraine...the exact same place where "quiche Lorraine" was made popular.

All of the homes and other buildings had red tile roofs. The one and two story buildings were situated very close to the narrow winding streets.Our host was the local doctor and his family for the first week. The second week we stayed with a mother and two teen-aged daughters who spoke excellent English The father spoke French and German, but not our language. He was very kind and thoughtful and treated Leigh and me as family.

When I saw the happiness of the man and woman with whom we stayed, I felt lonely. I always missed Richard at times like this. Under the stars in the little French village, I thanked the Creative Forces for all of our many blessings, for this wonderful trip that Leigh and I shared. I prayed for happiness for Richard, wherever he might be, wishing deep inside that we could share some of our lives together.



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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Sounds like u are having a wonderful time. Your writing is good. I could see the houses close to the street.