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Tips to improve your writing

Updated on January 23, 2015

On writing well

Writing is using symbols as a medium of communication as a complement to spoken language and can be understood by literate people, different languages have different writing symbols, writing has transformed Education throughout the centuries, millions of books have been written, different subjects, writers have taken to the internet which has seen proliferation of online content. Online article writing is one of the areas has seen a boom in the past few years.

Many prolific writers can sometimes face a writer’s block, a condition in which a well known writer loses ability to produce original work at least for sometime.

One the ways of curing the writer’s block is freewriting- Letting your thoughts flow by using the diffused mode of thinking which develops ideas by not constraining yourself or engaging your focused mental side which is more useful in editing process rather than writing. It is also a great way to relieve some other mental adversities and creativity problems.

Archimedes, a great Greek inventor, had his light bulb moment when he was bathing, such thoughts come to us when our minds are not focused but relaxed and thoughts flow.

Sleeping also engages the diffused mode of thinking as our unconscious mind labors with problems that developed during the focused mode of thinking, Exercise and sleep move our mind awa from that thing which has us stumped. We are more likely to develop ideas this way than when we focus intently.

When you are doing your thinking know that there are two modes of thinking focused and diffused with each having its own function; one is for developing your ideas for writing while the other is for solving complex mathematical problems. But it is not an either or issue but they work together to deliver original material.

Another technique which can be used alongside is the promodoro technique will assist us in developing work over a block of period say 25 minutes after which you reward yourself

During this period come up with as much thoughts as possible without stopping then after finishing your are reward for your efforts and you take a break, you can get back do another promodoro by editing your work and including any other relevant information.

These are some of the techniques which you can use to develop your writing skills. Once you have written you need to consistently do this everyday so that you are able to develop the skills through perseverance, small activities everyday will go along way than doing large chunks in one day (slight edge).

How will productivity techniques affect the way we write, does music affect our writing capability, typing and writing with hands which one is better?.

Waking up early when there is quiet and less distraction which prevents multitasking then we can produce better work than when we are tired, noise and distractions of every imaginable kind Is the useful productivity technique.

As for music then sometimes it helps to induce the diffuse mode of thinking, so mild soothing music is useful to your writing work. Typing with hands first reinforces the thoughts and creates good pathways in our brain

In conclusion you have the diffused mode of thinking, the promodoro technique slight edge and plethora of techniques.


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