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Tired Tears Have No Home

Updated on March 8, 2014

Tears do not have the strength to press this shield

They sit behind solid walls

The walls made of sand soon melt and are not so solid

What is this sorrow never known?

It is the woman's link

A sacred bondage deeply connected

Can old wounds have a balm?

The purest delight calls the divine strength

Together the union of life magnified

Perilous fights have no cause

Every cycle this unknown root returns

What impressions linger?

They are long forgotten

Sinking into the space where pain offers monthly reminders

Behind that pain lives dormant power

Power restrained

Sits a terror and an ache not to be denied

What has been pushed away in exile must have its Voice

It calls to be

It longs to be

Why? Will not even offer an answer

But a love so gentle, so supportive cracks the vault

The tears slowly weep

Reaching out of exile

Dazed - amnesia set in

She sits in an amnesia

Saddened quiet tears

The forgetfulness ponders the heart of some unknown longing

They say it is better to forgive than to forget

She cries with tormented tears

What have I forgotten!

Please I must know

I cannot stand this anguish anymore

Please, a longing to know if a revision of such exist

I am ready to forgive but I must know

Remove the clouded glass that caused so much disconnection

Beacon of the truth

Drops away all fears

Scars torn

Piercing pain its hallmark opening

Patiently sitting

Waiting for the message to bring a new clarity to quell this inquiry

Tormented tears have no home and dry

Sitting in despair friends take a long needed reunion

Bewilderment sets the new ground

The noble one has heard her plea

Tension melting away and her voice resounding

Found sinking deep and at the edge of something much too large to grasp


Overwhelmed yet breaths it all in

The air is intoxicated with light

Each breath new and revitalizing

Humbled devotion

The beckoned call beholds a great saint that lifts the veil of forgetfulness

His boldness bends to knees

Brings anew the latent power honored

Honor pierces the great veil

Her purity resides in innocent compassion at the woman's core

Wounds of the hidden blossom purify with golden rays sinking from the loving heart

Visions emerge

Imagined stories to quell this unknown loss

Ancient masters gather from the sincerest call

Embarked to an old world

A new time but it is like a time before time

Inner journeys to higher worlds

Open wide daze

Only introductions now


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