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Up Early On With My Day

Updated on June 11, 2015

This Is Where I Am

I constantly try to kick all my old bad habits

Loving life more than before

Looking at all the good I have done

I can only be better than I use to be

Nothing else matters

My dreams and plans for my future are only one step away

My deepest thoughts and all my problems come back to haunt me daily

Married to a wonderful wife

Family and friends to keep us on our toes

With no children of our own

We have beautiful nephews and nieces and God children to keep us happy

Working to provide a lovely home and enjoy life

I have one cat Charlette

When I am not on the run

You can find me dreaming and creating the life I always wanted

Usually by looking at all my mistakes and moving on from there

Back tracking and making changes as I go along

Writing up a storm

I write stoems

Stories I turn into poems

Recreating my world

Always searching for ways to do things better

At age 50

Halfway to a century

I have been blessed to have met so many incredible people in my travels

That have helped me come this far

I start every day thanking God for everything

I have and so much more I don't understand

I believe there is a grand master plan

All we have to do is take part

Contributing our personal best

In the things that we love

Sharing with the world

To make it a better place

For the children of tomorrow

Making life one that we all can be proud of

That is the history I want to read in classrooms across the country

Remembering the good

Fixing the bad

Everything that isn't right in the world is a work in progress

That we all take part

Every moment we think

Doing all we can

We can start by learning new ways to give


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