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Vikram And Betal Stories In English For Reading!

Updated on January 12, 2016

Vikram Betaal Stories Origin

Vikram betaal stories are quite famous among kids in India. These stories are filled with magic,witches,ghosts, excitement and romance. It originally had been written by poet somdev nearly 2500 years ago. The more you hear about, the more it attracts you. Here in this hub,I will tell you that who is vikram and betaal.Alongwith that there will be story related to them.

Although it is more than 2500 years old,still these stories are relevant today.Every story carry some message and forces you to think differently.

It has more than 50 stories.Some written by somdev and some by other famous writer like sivadas. All stories involve King Vikramaditya ,a saint expert in tantrism and a ghost named betall.

Vikram Betaal Story

Vikram-betaal story first aired in Doordarshan by sagar brothers who made the famous Ramayana serial.The story was so elaborately threaded that everybody liked it. Later in 2012 sagar brother again made it with new character for some private channels.

Ujjain is the city where King Vikramaditya ruled

Who is King Vikramditya and How Did He Met With Betaal?

King Vikramditya was the king of avantika or Ujjain(presently in Madhya Pradesh state of India).He was famous for his justice ,love and kindness for people. Everyday he used to come out in the morning after his assembly and meets with his citizens. He hears their complaint and accepts gifts from them.

Once a saint met with him and said i am doing one sacrifice, for that I need a dead body named betaal(ghost). He requested king to help him to bring that dead body.

King accepted saint request and entered in deep forest in night to search betaal. He found betaal after much hard work in the forest and begin to take with him.

Story Of Sushma and Dacoits

To pass the long time ,Betal begin to tell one story to the king.He said that there was city named Gaya in Bihar state. Two friends charanjeet and manojsingh came to gaya after doing their business in number of city.

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They Both visited the famous temple of goddess Durga there. As Monaj singh taking darshan(first view) of goddess durga , he saw a beautiful lady who was also worshiping goddess durga.He became enchanted by her beauty and wished to marry with her.

He found the whereabouts of that girl with his friend. Monaj talked with the father of the lady and proposed to marry with her. Sushma father immediately agreed to marry his daughter with manoj singh.

King-VikramaDitya | Source

At auspicious date, their marriage was performed.After marriage,now it is the time for sushma to leave her family and go with her husband manojsingh.

They both taken blessing of sushma’s father and departed to the native place of her husband aambikapur along with his friend charnjeet sing.

Who Is Sushma Real Husband?

In the night, as they were passing through the deep forest, a gang of dacoits attacked on them. In fierce battle, they chopped off the head of manojsingh and charanjeet singh and looted all their jewellery.

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Sushma wept bitterly to see the condition of her husband .She thought now what is left in her life after her husband’s death. She picked up a knife to kill herself. At very moment, goddess Durga Devi became present.

Devi said what are you doing sushma ,please stop it now. She said Sushma don’t worry, you are my staunch devotee and because of your devotion ,I will make your husband and his friend alive.

What Do You Think?

Now After This Incident Who Is The Real Husaband Of Sushma Before Reading Further

See results

Now betaal asked to king vikramaditya,who is real husband of sushma. Betaal forced and urged vikarmaditya to speak.Reluctantly,vikramaditya spoke that in the body mind is considered a most important part.Mind controls the activity of body and directs the whole body. Therefore where there is mind of manojsingh,that will be sushma’s husband.

On hearing the wise answer of king vikramaditya,betaal became very happy.However,betal said I had told you vikram that if you will speak a word, I will leave you and go to my place in that tree. As betaal said this, he immediately left vikram and went to that tree and hanged himself upside down.

At last

You must have enjoyed reading this story.Above story is really good and binds user till last.It test the intelligence of the user also.This is only just one story.There are more like this.

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    • Sunder1 profile image

      rahul 2 years ago from India

      Thank Mel Cariere, that you have appreciated this work. It is very kind gesture

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 2 years ago from San Diego California

      Interesting story, with mythological aspects. Great hub!

    • Sunder1 profile image

      rahul 2 years ago from India

      thanks very much prajna for appreciating this story.Hope you will read my other post also.

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      prajna 2 years ago

      very gooooooood information......

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      rahul 3 years ago from India

      Thanking you very much monia saad for you encouraging comment

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      monia ben saad 3 years ago from In my Dream

      intersted to read it and i love so much indian movies :)

    • Sunder1 profile image

      rahul 3 years ago from India

      Thanking you very much AliciaC for you encouraging comment

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      It's very interesting to learn about the stories popular in other countries. Thank you for sharing the information.