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-Essence Of Spring-

Updated on March 21, 2015

Essence Of Spring.

I am so glad to see the spring creeping in through the cold wind gusts of winter.

The winter winds have whipped and left a frostbite on my soul.

It's nice to look out my window and see the sun shine, shining in on me.

It is nice to hear the sounds of swallows chirp, to hear the sounds of bull frogs burp, to smell the fragrance of wild flowers, to watch the heavens thunder showers.

Confined through the winter months, watching shadows on the walls, makes me feel the cabin sickness, before another winters thaw.

When I see the sun is shining, it makes me hope springtime set's in quick.

Nothing is more beautiful than spring time after a cold, dark, winter freeze, just need to feel upon my back the warmth of a pr-summer spring time breeze.

The Honey bee's start working, the Squirrels come back out to forage and play, the Easter bunny makes stops then hops upon his merry way.


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