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What Sleeping Beauty Did After Waking Up From Sleep And Before Living Happily Ever After.

Updated on May 23, 2016

Beauty Sleep. We all know how important it is to be well rested.  Perhaps the person who got more than enough of sleep is the very well-known fairy tale Princess, Sleeping Beauty. I think She slept for  a hundred years. Wow. But did you ever wonder what happened when she woke up? Of course, family re-union came first, and then the introduction of her hero, the Prince to everyone.

But then what?

Note down what happens next, it might come in handy for those days when you get out of bed looking like a total nightmare.

It should come as no surprise that the Princess went right back to her room and peered into the mirror, expecting the worst. And she was dumb-struck at what she saw. Well, it had been a hundred years since she last brushed her lovely long hair, washed her delicate face or even had a bath. With tangled hair, puffy eyes and dull skin, she still looked pretty but not to her taste. She wasn’t going to let the Prince see her again in what she thought as her worst state, but to be honest he didn’t notice all that when he first saw her except how beautiful she looked when asleep.

The emergency bell rang loudly, echoing through the vast halls as the servants rushed about, getting things ready to return the Princess to her former glory. And so the intensive cleansing, scrubbing, and rubbing ritual began.

Beauty, in lots of hurry, would not wait for the scented candles to be lighted and allow the vapor to fill the bathroom. She wanted to be squeaky clean as quick as possible, there was so much she had missed while asleep, her pet rabbits, her garden of roses, (time stood still and so everything was alive and well) and so much more. She almost jumped and run out to check on them but caught herself and got back to combing the tangles out of her hair, using an ivory comb, a gift from the Princess of India.

She poured a few drops of essential oil of roses in her tub, and began washing her hair with a herbal soap made from honey, marigold extract and olive oil. Soon, she was busy playing with the soap suds, admiring them in the sunlight pouring in from the window. A chirping bird brought her attention back to what she was doing. Scrubbing herself all over with her favorite scrub, a recipe she made up herself, a mixture of lemon juice, salt and yoghurt, she finally felt rejuvenated.

The servants had brought out Beauty’s favorite gown which had been made by a kind old lady from the village. It was simple yet lovely and though she had a lot of gowns much better than this one, Beauty had specifically requested that it be brought to her on this special ocassion.

Her fingernails lacked shine, so dipping cotton into olive oil, she gave them a good rubbing, till they shone in the light. With her fingers, she dabbed some of the olive oil on her lips and eyebrows and behind her ears (they usually felt dry).Taking out a jar full of body butter, Beauty rubbed it all over her skin, and on top of her feet as well, this brought back the lost luster to her skin. No wonder she is so pretty, you must be wondering.

All this time, her hair was spread out, hanging from the top of her chair, and was quite dry. She plaited it and pinned it into a bun, adding a flower at the side. Now she was truly satisfied with how she looked. The servants who came in to check on her, were awed and made her walk across the length of the room to get a proper view. She seemed more beautiful than ever. With a last look in the mirror, Beauty steeped out and into the grand hall where her parents were waiting. Seeing their daughter, they wept again as they had the first time when she had woken up from her long slumber. With quick hugs, Beauty run out to the garden, breathing in the air.

Stroking her beloved roses and whispering kind words to them, she moved on to her rabbits. The Prince was there, feeding them carrot sticks. Beauty went over, and they talked about how the rabbits looked like balls of cotton and other stuff till the sun began to set and it was time for supper, a banquet was held to celebrate the engagement of Beauty to the prince. What happened next, I am sure you know, but let me say it anyway: And they all lived happily ever after.


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    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 6 years ago

      Thank you for the lovely comments! hope you a try a couple of those tips :D

    • skellie profile image

      skellie 6 years ago from Adelaide

      Extremely create and well written hub. Offering many useful tips on beauty, along the way.

      No wonder the princess was so beautiful :D

      Keep up the great work, loved it!