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What is an Empath?- (Paranormal Article)

Updated on December 1, 2011
Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce | Source

by Christine B. © 2011

Those of you who are Trekies might have heard the term “empath,” since the character of Deana Troi on the Next Generation portrayed one. But what does it mean, exactly?

Basically, an empath has the ability to sense what someone is feeling, no matter what they are saying. Empaths are capable of not only understanding the feelings in present time, but also in past and in the future. Empaths can also sense the inner feelings of someone who is not at the same vicinity as they are, and some can even sense the feelings of animals. Often people refer to these as animal psychics or horse whisperers. Empaths can also be in tune with nature, planetary movements, mechanical devices and even buildings.

A person who is an empath is highly sensitive, not only to other’s emotions and feelings, but also to their thoughts. This offers them a remarkable understanding of others. These feelings can have physical impressions on the empath. In other words, if the answer to a question regarding a person is “yes” the empath might feel a fluttering in their stomach… if “no” they might get a pain in their head. They can sense health problems in a person in this same way.

In most cases an empath has this gift from birth, or at least as a young child, and it is not something that appears later in life. They live their entire lives with this heightened sensitivity to others and to animals.

It is believed that empathy is genetic to some degree, and is inherent in their DNA. That means that the ability can be passed on from generation to generation. Because of this, empathy is considered to be biological, genetic, and spiritual.

One of the world’s most famous empaths was Edgar Cayce. For over 40 years Cayce helped people from all over the world by diagnosing their illnesses. He offered solutions to medical problems that were far advanced of his everyday knowledge and of the medical science of his day. Cayce was also able to tap into the Universal Knowledge while in a slight trance state, offering answers to questions far beyond his own experiences.

How can an empath do what they do?

Everything has its own vibrations and frequency. An empath is able to pick up on and read these energetic signals. It would be akin to being a human lie detector machine. It would be impossible to hide your feelings from an empath.

As a whole, empaths are beacons of light that attract people to them due to their overwhelming compassion for others and their obvious sincerity.



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