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Why You Can’t Publish- Things That Prevent You From Publishing Your Works

Updated on December 26, 2013

One of the ways to make your writing interesting is to publish more or often your ideas. However, most writers are unable to publish their written ideas due to some of the reasons explained below. The article also include ways in which you can overcome the anxiety of publishing your articles.

Conflicting ideas – Favorite ideas and Favorite titles

In the previous article, I discussed about how old ideas conflict with new ideas and often prevents the writer from being straight forward in his discussions or coming up with a concrete philosophical truth. From our previous discussion, we got to understand that as you constantly derive new ideas, the old ideas start getting boring and seems archaic to the writer. You always find the new ideas more advance and interesting than the old ideas hence depriving you of the confidence to publish your content.

You may also not be able to publish your ideas because of conflicting or contradicting ideas. Some of these ideas may not always come from you but from other written sources by other authors. Because the different authors may have different views or different objectives when writing, their ideas and example may evidently conflict with your own philosophies. This could deprive you the confidence in your own ideas and philosophies.

Without an Objective for writing

Sometimes you may also not be able to publish your articles because you do not know the exact purpose or objective for writing. Because you do not have a concrete purpose for writing, your ideas seem to contradict each other and confuse you the writer. Contradicting objectives therefore creates or brings forth different ideas born out of your own confused mind state or conflicting purpose. The objective of the writer shapes the idea or gives the ideas a skin. It is what brings the ideas of writer to live. You may not know which of the ideas to omit from your content in order to have a straight forward and confidence voice to publish.

Sometimes you might confuse yourself and not be able to publish. You do not know which of the conflicting ideas to omit and which ones to maintain because you do not realize your conflicting objectives of writing. You do not even know why you want to maintain a particular idea and at the same time omit them from the content because they conflict with certain ideas already in the content.

Inappropriate title

You normally encounter the above situation when deducing a title for your content as well. The previous title always seems inappropriate to the writer as he comes up with more interesting titles that equally befits the content. Moreover, as more titles keep popping up in your mind, it becomes difficult for you to maintain the old. Some of the titles may also be your favorite but may not be catchy enough to get you readers. Eventually you become confused upon which title to choose for your content and you are unable to publish your finished works.

You do not seem to like the title anymore and feel that a much you need a much appropriate title to make the article complete. Until you arrive at t title that you are satisfied with, you are unable to publish your ideas. You continue to work around your ideas, racking your brain for the perfect title. You might try out several titles- that none seems to work. The moment you choose one, you feel the other one could have been much better. You continue to waste your time working around a perfect title until you are even more confused and stressed up. You want to come up with an appropriate title that befits the content.

In your effort to deduce an appropriate title for our ideas, your titles keep changing as your ideas keep changing. You are not sure of the appropriate title or that which befits your content. You get confused trying to write ideas to fit the title or changing the title to fit the content.

Sometimes after writing, the title that you give it, you have advanced knowledge and it seems the title does not match the content. In this case the title does not fit the current content because you have develop more advance ideas to supplement the old draft that you would have to change the title to fit the current ideas that have been introduced into the content. Secondly you do not like the previous title anymore because a much seemingly better title has evolved and you prefer that to the old one.

Some writer’s gain the title first before writing the ideas to justify the title. Sometimes ideas may come first before you do not always write before coming up with a title. Sometimes an interesting title occurs to you before even deriving words to support the argument or confirm the title. You may be unable to publish your works because you get to experience a writer's block and unable to come up with appropriate words or content that befits or conforms to the title. You are usually caught in a dilemma whether to write to fit the title or write and deduce a title that befits the content.

As a professional writer, you can either write your ideas down before arriving at a title or the other way round- that is coming up with title first and writing contents to conform to the title.

As a professional writer, you will be advised not to restrict yourself to one way of coming up with ideas as a writer's block original from different situations. When you have several means of coming up with ideas, you can always overcome a writer's block so that you can publish often. In order to overcome a writer's block.

Do not also restrict yourself to one pattern of thought or expressing your ideas. Every content, depending on the ideas or facts constituting the content have a particular arrangement that suits it best. Some ideas would read better according to a particular arrangement than another. This is to say that every content or topic has its own pattern of arranging the ideas. That would make it more readable to reader. Learning about other patterns of expressing your ideas, will give you the confidence to publish your content.

Ideas not well arranged.

Sometimes you may not be able to publish your ideas simply because they may not be in the appropriate or preferred pattern of arrangement.

Advice For Writer’s- Overcoming the anxiety of publishing your ideas.

When any unrelated idea occurs to you whiles working on your current project, write them either in a comment box or save them in another document for further grouping and expansion at a later period. Do not allow your new unrelated ideas to conflict with current project development.

You should have and know your main writing objective

You should have an objective of writing so that you can make a good comparison between your own content and that of other materials you have read. Your content may seem unprofessional to you only because you might be making a wrong comparison between your own and another material on the same topic. The difference may only be that you might have a different objective from that of which you may be making the comparison. Having your own and concrete objective in writing will help you to maintain focus on your ideas. You can read your content as it is and publish confidently.

Welcome Views from Readers

You should always welcome views from all readers- both ones that support your views and ones that do not support your views. When you welcome comments from people who do not share your views, you do not become blind to the truth concerning your topic. You get to widen your point of view concerning your topics and you gain ideas on aspects of your topics that your next article should focus on.

No idea is completely perfect- All ideas are subject for improvement

Do not seek perfection before you can publish your content. No idea is perfect. Moreover, you cannot be perfect just after writing your first content. Writing in itself is a learning process. It takes constant writing in order to improve article after article. The more you write the more experience you gain in writing. When you publish your content, you will gain confidence to write more. The more you publish, the more you learn about your topic.

No idea is perfect. Every ideas stands to be improved. Accepting this will help you to be much more confident in your ideas and to publish them. When you publish online directories, you can always upgrade or edit your content anytime you come up with interesting supplementary ideas.

Advice to writers-

Overcoming the anxiety of publishing

You should not view yourself as a know it all or that you know all about the topic than anyone else. Always remember that even professional writers (no matter their background knowledge on the topic) do not know everything about their topics of discussion. Writing in itself is a learning process. Through writing, you continue to discover how much you do not know.

With interviews, you can learn new ideas from other people that you may not know. Comments from readers could introduce you to new ideas as well. The more you expose your ideas and thoughts for public scrutiny the more you learn new things and the more you build your confidence in writing and publishing.

Try to engage people in interviews when researching on ideas for your article. When you publish on online article directories, it will become easier for you to get a direct feedback from readers or to know what they enjoy about your articles.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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