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-Workers Of The World-

Updated on August 6, 2012

Work used to be a necessary evil. A means to an it is the end. We used to produce to fulfill we produce needs to supply work. We used to be craftsmen who could be proud of our product. Now we're screw turners, fragmented lost souls. Increasingly the production process has been circumvented altogether. The craftsman has become a cog in an unproductive sphere. He can only see his labor in the abstract. He has no control over his labor and hence no control over his life. He cant console himself with the idea that he is virtuous for expelling his labor...he feels like a whore for selling his labor. Not only this but he is a cheap whore for selling his labor well below its actual cost. Because of this unsustainable disparity the government steps in to prop up his labor with foodstamps, rent subsidies, subsidized healthcare etc. Meanwhile the bosses champion themselves as the pillars of society for graciously contributing the tax that subsidizes their laborers. No matter that the source for this tax revenue is off the laborers backs. So the craftsman, now a whore, a cheap whore, is now disenfranchised twice over and made to feel like a pauper even though all wealth of the nation is extracted from his sweat. He is the only true hero, and he is condemned to the status of a villian if he even approaches the boss for a more equitable share of the value he creates.


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    • Josak profile image

      Josak 5 years ago from variable

      "The mine owner did not make the gold, the mine owner does not find the gold, does not mine the gold, does not mill the gold but by some weird alchemy all the gold belongs to him" Bill Haywood.

      Nailed it with the hub by the way. Voted up etc.