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Writing Theme Person VS Nature

Updated on October 26, 2015




This is where the main character lives but not the location. This is the habitat out of the home in which the character lives.

The person can go against nature that already exists or something in nature that already exists.

The nature has no supernatural powers.

Going Against Nature

Someone going against nature would be the acts such as: cutting down trees, picking flowers, or making their home in nature.

Cutting down trees might deal with a person wanting to live in a tree house. Trees are cut down to make a home in the forest for a person. Also, trees could be cut down so that room can be made for a person to live without a forest.

Picking flowers has to with killing the environment around them, so that one person can enjoy the flower for a short time. This is the use of nature to bring into the home.

Making a home in nature might be the act of moving into the forest to live. (I don't know much about this.) The person would be using the resources in nature. This would be like picking flowers but finding the ones that the person can eat.

Using Nature Further

Sometimes nature is already dying. This have to do with plants that are dying naturally, are being over watered, not enough water, it became overwhelmed by the increase of foliage, parasites, and wild life. Then, the person is added to the environment. This person might be aware of what is going on around them or have to adapt to the change.

Animals in Nature

A person might want to do something like eat, or make friends.

Hunting seems to be a past-time in most stories involving a forest. Stories make this past-time easy.

Some children's stories have to deal with making friends with the wild life. This new friends are even made in documentary stories. However, the documentary stories sometimes don't end very well.


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