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Good Cat Books For Cat Lovers

Updated on August 24, 2011

People have been living with cats for thousands of years, since the times of Ancient Egypt. Then, cats were treated as Gods and were thought of in very high regard. In fact, hurting a cat was considered a great offence. However, although cats were domesticated, they were not actually considered as pets, in the way we are used to today. Cats were thought of as sacred, and to have the ability to protect homes and people from danger. Almost every household during the period of Ancient Egypt kept a cat.

Today, in modern times, the relationship between cats and humans is as strong as ever. Owning a cat as a pet is very popular. People sometimes say, 'You are either a dog person or a cat person' - there certainly seems to be some truth in that. Whilst dogs are usually very loyal and faithful, always aiming to please, a cat is a very independent animal. You cannot train a cat, no matter how hard you might try. You cannot persuade a cat to do something it does not want to do. Cats please themselves and you will never gain the upper hand. But cats can also be extremely affectionate, and capable of winding you around their furry paws. Many a doting cat owner has found themselves stuck on the sofa, unable to move for the duration of the evening because they do not want to disturb a purring cat.

Cat (Image Source: Dan
Cat (Image Source: Dan

Special Pets

Many animal lovers often feel a special connection to a certain pet, very often a cat. Sometimes it seems as though a cat can understand more than we usually give them credit for - there have even been stories of cats saving lives. They do say that the cat has a sixth sense, and intuitvely tunes into things that we, just dumb humans, are unaware of. Or maybe a cat just seems to understand your emotions. I once had a cat, when I was a child through to my early twenties, who always seemed to know when I was upset, and would follow me and sit with me. Though I have had other pets since, none have ever been quite the same. I was devastated when he died, but thankful still that I had the chance to know him.  He was the soppiest cat on earth! Some people might say that all pets really care about is where their next meal is coming from - the 'hand that feeds', so to speak. But there are many, many people who disagree. Animals are like people - individuals with their own personalities. And many of the 'special' stories regarding cats have been published in books, so that others can enjoy them.

Below is a Selection of Cat Books With Special Stories, Ideal For Cat Lovers


Casper the Commuting Cat, by Susan Finden

Casper the Commuting Cat is a heartwarming story about one cat (amongst other cats) who came to reside with owner Susan Finden. Though the majority of cats prefer not to stray too far from their own territory, Casper was quite the opposite. He would seemingly disappear on a regular basis, and Susan was at a loss as to where he was. Eventually she was enlightened - he was turning up in all sorts of public places and was actually very well known throughout the town, unbeknown to her and her husband. He had taken to riding the No. 3 bus, taking 11 mile journeys around Plymouth. Passengers and bus drivers became used to his presence and he acquired something of a celebrity status.  In fact, drivers would often feign offence if Casper did not choose their bus to travel on!  Casper was also a common fixture in the local doctor's waiting room, where he would curl up on a chair amongst all the patients. There is no doubt about it, Casper touched the hearts of many people, and through this book he continues to do so, throughout the world.

Cat Miracles by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hanson Steiger

As the title suggests, this is an inspiring and thought provoking book detailing the true stories of cats who have walked the extra mile.  You can read about the cat who attacked a gang of thieves, the cat who saved her sleeping owner from a fire and the cat who travelled 850 miles alone, back to his former home.  The tales are nothing short of miraculous, and this book is a perfect read for a cat lover. 

Cleo - The Cat Who Mended a Family

Cleo is the story of a little black cat who helps to heal the Brown family's wounds when they are suddenly hit by the most unimaginable grief - the loss of a child. It is both a sad and emotional journey, yet Cleo brings hope and the beginnings of laughter to her new, hurting, family. A small window of hope in the darkness appears - holding little Cleo is the cue for author Helen Brown's younger son's first smile since the tragic event. The story of Cleo is heartwarming and inspirational, and though cat lovers will love it, it will also appeal to others.

Dewey: The Library Cat, by Vicki Myron

 Dewey is the beautiful story of an abandoned kitten shoved into the book-return slot at a library in Iowa, USA.  Vicki Myron, the library director, tells this heartwarming tale of how the cat they named Dewey, who was dirty, under nourished, frostbitten and left for dead, came to be cared for the library staff.  Dewey, an orange tabby, enriched the lives of so many, including all the staff, library patrons and local residents.  Dewey welcomed visitors to the Iowa Library over a period of almost two decades, warming their hearts as well as their laps.  He became one of the most well-known cats in the world. 

Dewey lived to the grand old age of 19. and made a great impact on the life of Vicki Myron, the author, as Dewey helped her to endure her own hardships in life.  The story of Dewey, the Small-Town Library Cat, is the perfect example of how animals often really can change our lives for the better.

 If you are looking for the ideal book for a cat lover, either as a gift for someone else or for yourself, then I hope you have found this article about Good Cat Books For Cat Lovers useful.


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