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The American Father has dropped the ball !

Updated on May 8, 2014

Life in all it glory comes with no instructions
changes go and come as they may
pleasure pain promises
what knowing
comes at the end of a day

Or not... I watched a little girl waiting for daddy
sitting in a dress out on the curb
Her mother said "I don't think he's
coming , that little girl's not heard"

As a man it made me realize every
mistake I ever made
If I could take it all back what
ways I wouldn't trade

That little girl broke finally and
in tears she shook my very core
Today being a daddy is more
mportant than ever before

If you are a man then "Man up " look
down at the eye's of your child
Give up the selfish outlook give away
the ways of the wild

If anyone wants to debate with me why I believe that it's all of a fathers fault , men , daddy's ......that has dropped the ball in our culture today - bring it on ! I truly believe that it is the American man that is the reason our children are suffering , listless , and lost today ! What do you think ? Men ? Boys ?


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