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00 Index to Love Letters from Vietnam

Updated on January 13, 2017

Carrie Underwood Sings "Hello Young Lovers" on American Idol

"Hello Young Lovers..."

"Hello young lovers whoever you are. I hope your troubles are few. All my good wishes go with you tonight. I've had a love like you." (lyrics from The King and I) If you listen to the Carrie Underwood video of this song as performed a while back on American Idol, you'll understand the reason for these letters. Start at 01 for the history of the letters and the reason for posting them.

Note to Readers: Previously, hubpages offered a "Previous" and "Next" button to easily follow these sequenced love letters written before and during "Tim's" Vietnam experience. The format on hubpages has since changed, and this index is the best way to find the next letter. Simply note the number of the letter you may be reading and proceed to the next.

:) Thank you for being here. Your comments and suggestions are MOST welcome.

Cheers, "Katy"


Hints for Reading The Letters

To feel the love story as it unfolds, start at the beginning and read up to today's date. From then on, check the date of the letter and read only THATletter on the day it was posted more than 40 years ago. It will give you a "What Happened On This Day" in history kind of feeling.

Our 60s Social Network to Help Keep Track of the Friends Mentioned in the Letters



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