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1 point, six won eight

Updated on August 8, 2012


Is this a game???

No and I'm not playing...

I'm just saying, look,

look at the book and start calculating,

stop hating...

and eat some Phi,


Crow has you locked eye 2 eye,


Forget what you've heard,

listen to the byrd's,


Word day Wednesday you little turd,

today... Verbs,

write them down like revenge of the nerds,

absurd... Call me a nerd,

I want revenge on nobody,

we're all part of the 'heard',

hear it???

No bullshit...

Come and sit,

or get a move on... Poke you with a stick,


50 is nifty,

A union... Tricky,

bee honey, it's sticky,

tricky or trippy...

I think this one's nifty,

shifty eyes roll up high...

oh my, who is this guy,

game over... goodbye


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