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10 Best Classic Books

Updated on January 5, 2011

Some Must Read Classic novels

Classic are those books that have proven the test of time and are relevant for any time in present, past and future. Classic books are best to read if you want to increase your intellectual powers. They help you understand the world in the best manner. Here is a list of all time novels that have been read and read again and again. You can also view a list of

best children's novels

best teenagers novels

best novels for people of all ages

10 Best Classic Books/Novels:

1) Wuthering Heights:

Free Download here

The book was first published in 1847 during Victorian Era. The novel when first published got mixed views, some people thought that it is a useless novel with a very dark story line and a was the tradition of that time novels such as Wuthering Heights were least welcomed by the masses.

The novel is based on two characters XCatherine and Heathcliff. The love and passion they possessed for each other was on its extreme but they did not ended up together, rather catherine died from broken heart. Their passion for each other was on such extreme that they did much damage to others. Their flawed personality was very different from what is commonly portrayed in novels- a noble and modest hero and a brave but humble-natured heroin. The story and its plot is therefore very passionate and very different from any other book ever written on love tragedies.

Due to these reasons this novel is considered as the best classic novel in the history of English literature.

P.S. Read it if you got the guts to read a novel in which the hero has a personality that makes him more like a villain and the heroin too is not less even:-)

2) Tess of the D'Urbervilles:

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Tess is an amazing novel written by Thomas Hardy in 1891. During this time most of the novels written were based on aristocrats and their life. Tess was different because it was based on a simple girl form a small country town. Most of Thomas Hardy's novels are based on simple poor-class people of English Society.

The novel is the best love tragedy ever written. Tess is sweet, obedient, shy, graceful and has outer as well as innate beauty. Her beauty is heart-breaking and her innocence can make any man get in love with her. Tess belongs to a poor family, for the sake of, getting some money from one of the rich far-relatives her parents send her to their family. There she is mistreated and cheated by Mr. D'urberville. Se returns home but the sin she became part of effects her after life. She leaves her home again and go to another place where she finds a handsome priest's son Clark Angel. Angel get in love with her but refuses to marry her as he knows that she had once been raped and had a child.

P.S. Though you will be glued to the book as you will start reading it until the end comes but it will at times make you cry.

3) A Tale of Two Cities:

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A Tale of Two Cities is written by Charles Dickens in 1859. It is one of the most famous novel and more then 200 million copies have been sold yet. It has been adapted in as motion film as well as drama. The novel is set in London and in Paris and is set in the backdrop of French Revolution.

4) Pride & Prejudice:

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Pride and Prejudice is written by Jane Austen and was published for the first time in 1813. It is one of the finest novel of English literature. The novel is set against the background of a fictional town in England. Pride and Prejudice along with Emma is considered finest works of Jane Austen. The novel has been adapted into motion films, TV adaptations and in many other songs and radio programs. At least 20 million copies of the novel has been sold yet.

Elizabeth the main character of the novel is strong, stern, decisive but lacks the quality of judging people in a accurate manner. She makes judgement in the first sight and when she first met Mr. Darcy the hero of the novel she found him arrogant and biased. Which he is not in reality. Elizabeth has four other sisters. Her mother is least patient to find suitors for the daughters. All the others daughters want to find wealthy husbands while Elizabeth wants more than just wealth. She is looking for the inner beauty in the person who can become her husband. Her pride is her literary interests finally finds the perfect man he wanted for herself in Mr. Darcy.

P.S. To some people it is nothing more than an ordinary tale of finding perfect husbands for the daughters but I think they did not understand the depth of the novel.

5) Jane Eyre:

Free Download here

Jane Eyre is written by Charlotte Bronte. The story is about an orphan, an unfortunate girl Jane Eyre who lives with her aunt. She is all the time blamed for any problem that occurs. Her aunt decides to send her to an orphanage so that she can get rid of her. The misery and sufferings she suffered throughout her life are very painful. The day she is handed to the orphanage owner, her aunt tells the owner that she is a very stubborn girl and has dirty soul. So from her first day she does not get respect even in the orphanage. When she leaves orphanage she goes to a house to perform the duties of a maid for a young girl. Regardless of the misery she suffers from she is shown as a girl with strong inner powers. She never quit hope and is always positive for the future.

6) Emma:

Free Download here

Emma was written by Jane Austen. Jane Austen is famous for her portrayal of elite class in her novels. The leading character in her novel is always played by a girl and she portrays the lead character as a very strong, powerful and self-sufficient girl.

Emma is a young and exuberant girl, with her head always in clouds. She do what she wanted to do. She made a match for her loving-maid which becomes successful. After which she thinks that she should find matches for her friends. She fancies herself alot. None of her other match works.

7) Anna Karenina:

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Anna Karenina is written by Leo Tolstoy a Russian writer. Anna Karenina is young, beautiful and married to an older but wealthy man. As she does not love her husband she got in love with a young army officer. She goes through a conflict as she has to portray the role of a wife in front of the society. She does not think about her husband and get pregnant as a result of her relationships with the count. In the end she commits suicide by throwing herself in a moving train.

The story is of passionate love, betrayal and societal norms. The story also pints to some issues that are even prevalent today in our society.

P.S. The novel deals with issues like jealousy, hypocrisy, fidelity and others which are already very common in our society. So it kind of bored me a bit.

8) 1984:

Free Download here

1984 is written by George Orwell in 1949 one year before his death. The story is a political fiction. The main character in the book is Winston Smith. He doubts the righteousness of the government. The story is more about foretelling the future. The day from whence it has been published it is considered the greatest book ever written. With complex plot, themes and use of a new language that has never been used before this book is the best classic ever written.

P.S. The best novel ever written but will interest people who have an aptitude for political books. Otherwise don't try it.

9) Moby Dick:

Free Download here

Moby Dick is written by Herman Melville in 1851. As like many other classic books Moby Dick did not get much appreciation in the very beginning, on the other hand many of his other books got fame as they published. In contrast to this none of his other book is included in classics but Moby Dick is even read today by the readers.

The story tells the tale of a wanderer Ishmael. He goes on a sail-ship journey with captain Ahab. In the way he knew that Ahab is seeking a specific whale Moby Dick who has destroyed Ahab's previous voyage and he wants to take revenge. The book portrays the difference between good and evil. The plot, theme and the symbolism used is quite unique. This book is considered one of the finest book of American Literature.

10) Catch-22:

Free Download here

Catch-22 is written by Joseph Heller. It was first published in 1961. Thought he book is not that old to be proven the test of time but still from the day of its publication it has been read by people again and again. Catch-22 can be considered as a modern classic.

Captain Yossarian is an army bombardier during WWII. He is fed up of his flying missions and prepare plans to go back to his home but all in vain. Every time he finishes one mission the superiors sends him to a new mission. So in the end he tries to become insane in front of the authority to get rid of the flying combat missions. The story follows a very dark humor and satires. It is funny in the most cynic way.

P.S. I would have included Lord of the Rings instead of this book but LotR has already been in many of my lists so I better included it. If you have not read Lord of the Rings then read that instead of Catch-22.


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    • gulnazahmad profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thank you and I hope you people easily downloaded the books.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 

      7 years ago from South Africa

      I enjoyed the read and am especially grateful for the download links. Thanks muchly!

      Love and peace


    • Rose West profile image

      Rose West 

      7 years ago from Michigan

      Good list of English classics!

    • okmom23 profile image

      Donna Oliver 

      7 years ago from Midwest, U.S.A.

      Wonderful hub. Thank you for the downloads!

    • Gyspy Writer profile image

      Gyspy Writer 

      7 years ago from Midwest

      Excellent article.


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