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10 Best Puppy Bowl YouTube Videos

Updated on January 26, 2014

Puppy Bowl Clips

There are Puppy Bowl clips on
There are Puppy Bowl clips on | Source

See Puppy Bowl video clips

The Puppy Bowl is an annual television event with extremely cute puppies romping on a puppy-sized football field. Coincidentally, it airs on the same day as football's Super Bowl. If you have never seen even a part of the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet cable television network, here are some short clips which give you the flavor of this serious competitor to the Super Bowl.

Catch the Excitement

Start your video tour with this YouTube: “Puppy Bowl III Intro Piece” by deborahgotts . Duration is 1:30. This video includes the familiar theme music for the event, which incorporates the urgent fanfare style of so many sports show themes. You are also treated to the beautiful sound of Harry Kalas’s voice as commentator. It may take a pet owner to appreciate many of the tongue-in-cheek comments regarding the canine tailgaters outside the stadium.

ABC News Explains it All

"Super Bowl Fans Can Enjoy the Puppy Bowl 2012: Video of Extreme Cuteness" is offered by ABC News - duration 1:02. This video explains the Puppy Bowl for those who have not yet seen it, using footage from Bowl VIII. Among other things, it shows the referee, footage from the water bowl camera, and a touchdown - which is the carrying of a doggie chewe toy into the endzone. Excellent picture quality also makes this YouTube video one of my nominees.

A Little Wrestling and Tussling

“Ruffness at Puppy Bowl VI” is posted by sanssfards. Duration is 1:15. Even though this isn't ice hockey, during Bowl VI, a little jostling occured. Also, a little sliding around. Maybe this portends a Puppy Stanley Cup? This YouTube video includes footage of the crew of the overhead blimp: very cute hamsters. Or are they guinea pigs?

A Starting Line-Up Video

“Puppy Bowl Classic: Starting Line-Up” by AnimalPlanetTV features players from Puppy Bowl V. Duration is 1:12. In addition to each pup's name, age, and breed, a silly "fact" is given about the player's interests.

Adding Elements of Major League Football

In the United States, the play in major sporting events is preceeded by the playing (and usually a soloist singing) the national anthem. If a Canadian team is is the league and is one of the participants, the Candian national anthem is also performed. As animal Planet television saw that its Puppy Bowl was a huge success, it started adding elements of a "real" football game. Thus, we have:

"Puppy Bowl Classic: Star Spangled Banner” by AnimalPlanetTV. This clip is from Puppy Bowl V. Its duration is 1:38. (I would like to note that the singing is as bad as that of many of the real performers.)

The Half-Time Show

Of course, if we are getting more realistic in the parody, there must be a half-time show. Cat lovers and dog lovers often line themselves up as opponents, so I imagine the cat fanciers proetested enough to gain inclusion of felines into the Bowl. They did this in the half-time show. I feel that a much better job can be done with this, but here is a short clip giving one the flavor of the performance.

“Puppy Bowl VI – Kitty Halftime Show” by AnimalPlanetTV for Puppy Bowl VI. Duration is 1:53

MVP means Most Valuable PUPPY

This short clip features a cutie-pie of a pup. His name is "C.B." and he is a feisty, tiny shih-tzu beagle mix shelter puppy (all the dogs have always been from animal shelters, waiting to be adopted.)

“Puppy Bowl VII MVP” by AnimalPlanetTV for Puppy Bowl VII. Duration is 0:50

Taking It Up a Notch

For the 2012 Puppy Bowl, Animal Panet television prepared this marketing (or is it Barketing) press release. Clever, silly, and a lot of fun!

“Puppy Bowl VIII: What’s New” by AnimalPlanetTV for Puppy Bowl VIII. Duration is 1:30

Behind the Scenes Info from Dan Schachner

“Puppy Bowl coincides with Super Bowl” by CBSNewsOnline, filmed in 2012, is a pre-Bowl publicity and information piece which explains how the game works. This video does not contain clips from the real Puppy Bowl, but instead has a mock "Patriots" and "Giants" match-up using about 6 of the Puppy Bowl players. Current, wonderful referee Dan Schachner explains how touchdowns are scored and how players are selected. This YouTube also gives great information about Incidentally, the adoption rate of the puppy players is 100%. Duration is 3:42.

Puppy Bowl VIII Preview Clip

“Puppy Bowl VIII Preview (1 of 2)” by ParadeMagazine. My favorite quote from Referee Dan Schachner is:

“Hey guys,you could learn a valuable lesson here. She’s only been alive like ten weeks and has already scored 2 touchdowns. Come on!”

Additionally, pot-bellied pig cheerleaders invade the field.

Duration is 0:56

Great Fun

If you enjoyed these clips, I recommend watching the real thing on Super Bowl Sunday!

Puppy Bowl DVDs

Graphics and text copyright 2013 Maren E. Morgan.


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    • Maren Morgan M-T profile image

      Maren Elizabeth Morgan 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Sushma, glad you enjoyed the videos. It is a cute alternative to watching grown men give each other concussions while they toss a little ball around. ;)

    • Sushma Webber profile image

      Sushma Webber 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Thanks Maren, it is something I did not know about. Very cute puppies and dogs romping around. Loved it!