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10 Days in Singapore (Part III)

Updated on December 1, 2011

It's a party time

Day 6 - Thuesday 20.09.2011

Today, the club has a meeting about the coming party under the theme "Egyptian Night" on this coming 21.09.2011. This party would takes 3 days from Wednesday, 21.09.2011 - Friday, 23.09.2011 in order to invite customers to come on weekday days. From my observation, most of the customers who visit the club are existing customers who regularly come here.

In the evening I conduct my 2nd experiment . The outcome is many guys at the restaurant greet me along the way and some call me "Baby", they seem to be enjoy seducing me. At the convenient store where I normally stop over to buy a milk. The cashier girls have a negative attitudes towards me still. So, I have to confess why I come here in order to comfort them and make them feel better over me. From my experiment, I could draw a conclusion that female are more sensitive to this issue than male.

Tonight, I have opportunity to talk to many customers who regularly come to this club. Most of them like Thai songs, Thai singers and dancers here. I fiund out an interesting finding today from one of my customer who is a wine lover, age 55+, SES A, which hardly find in this kind of Thai Disco Club. The reasons that he come here is more likely emotive response because he tell me that he angry his wife who've been to Hong Kong, China for gambling. The feeling of lonesome and angry lead him to this club in order for recreation and chatting with a girl here without offering them for sex. He finished 2 bottles of wine including purchase flower for both dancer and singers. His total spending at the club at that night is around S$160 for 2 bottles of wine + 18 flowers or S$180 = S$340 approximately. He is very interesting person and quite strait away expessed his attitudes towards those Thais who work here.

A Wine Lover's Attitude and Perception towards Thais Who Work at the Night Club

  • Those girls who work at Thai Disco can earn more money in Singapore.
  • The price for one night stand is just only S$200.
  • Thais girls who work at night club is very low grade in his perception. (His body language also implied this way).

I get a fact to support his perception from the conversation from the girls who work here when chitchating. Most of themcome to work in Singapore via agents. It seem like the agreement of sale target that they must achieve monthly have been done before they come. Some of them have to pay a rental fee around S$17 - 20. Moreover they have to responsible for the transportation from a house to work around S$ 6 - 8 per single trip. Most of them have been worked at many night clubs in singapore before. One sample is a younger sister reccomended by her older sister to come here because she has been working here for 6 months and what they earn is quite a lot or around 30,000 - 60,000 monthly compute from the sales target she can achieve.

1 week Aniversary

Day 7 - Wednesday, 21.09.2011

Something irritates me today because nobody greeting or seducing me as usually. At the convenient store an employee was complaint by her superior in front of me just because she showed her uncomfortable feeling to me last time. It's very strange circumstances!! I think they are already knew who I am or someone ASSANGES my hub, LOL!!. . In fact, there are research ethics NOT to reveal their name unless his/her permission approved. Everybody wants to defense himself/herself.

Anyway, I have to continue my work until the last day I can bare with this kind of situation.

With reference to my interaction with a girl who I just met up first time today. She came here before for working, and this is her 4th time. She traveled by herself without any agent. The cost of living here is a rental S$10 plus extra S$8 (1 drink), total S$18.00 per day she has to spend for a rental fee. She found some difficulties this time because lack of her self-confident approaching the customers. "There are many new comers working here this time". "I found no fun to do as the previous time this time". Most of the girls I had conversation with them, just informed me that they just work at night club first time. Nobody tell me the truth right now. I think it's my mistake as well because I've told many girls that I worked at the office before.

As my work experience and observation for 1 week, I could draw a brief summary of the club's customers by categorized them into 3 segments according to the Social Economic Status (SES) and demographics as below.

High-End Customer : SES B+, A : The majority of this customer group aged 45+, estimated household income around $S50,001+, occupation is self-employ or top management. This type of customers hardly come to this night club.

Middle - Upper Class : SES C+, B : Their aged around 35 - 45 years, estimate household income range is around S$30,000 - S$50,000, occupation are small business owners, employee and middle level of the management or called white-collar. And some are students who from middle class family.

Lower - Middle Class : SES D, E : The majority of of this category is the unemployed, students, blue-collar. In general, their age around 18 - below 35 years old. Their behavior is come as a group of friends and share the bill.

Day 8 - Thrusday, 21.09.2011

I went to Orchad again for recreation and watched the movie, Contagion. The upper - class students here in Singapore enjoy hanging out at Starbuck with their friends here in this area. It's the same as upper-class Thai students who live in the urban. On the way back to the house, I bought the housemates a sliced pork. I'm happy if they like it!!!

Today at the club still has the party of Egyptian Night but there are not crowded as on Friday and Saturday. I have a customer quite early today. He's a Ship Engineer who normally works in on the vessel/ship. He said his work is really stressful but luckily he have a chance travel a lot in the Inter-Port and some Middle East i.e. Dubai routes. He doesn't like Thais who work at night but he's a good attitude towards those girls who work here. His age around 40 years old, 1st time coming with one of his friend and the main purpose just to relax after tension all day long at work. As there is tiny gap of our age, so we can have a good chatting and sharing our experience.

After 1 week working here, I can adjust myself better today and know how to trick the customers for flowers. As there are many type of customers, the girls who work here can do many thing to achieve there sales target such as hugging, kissing with the customers.

The other customer I approach is the first comer with their friends as well. He slightly nervous when I approach him and started complain his friends about ordering many jars of beer.

The key factors of coming to this place is a LUMPY MONEY where they cannot find in Thailand. One example "The customer here bring myself and my son go shopping, my son really enjoy with it." "He just want to get everything he likes and the customer is understanding". "My son gets an expensive T-shirt which I could not afford in Thailand".


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