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10 Great Books for Kids: Books that Will Help Foster a Love of Reading

Updated on August 31, 2012

There are a lot of great children's books to choose from. The books on this reading list are a great way to foster a love of reading in your child. Reading with your kids is a great way to bond with them and help their development. In fact, children who read with their parents at home are more successful at school and more likely to graduate from college.

Here is a reading list of ten of the best children's books that all kids should have on their bookshelf at home. These kid's books are classics that teach basic life skills and lessons. Most of them have been around for generations of children and are still as relevant as the day they were written. Reading them with your kids will bring the two of you together and give your child a lifelong love for reading.

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

This silly story is about a man named Sam-I-Am who tries to convince his friend to try green eggs and ham. At first the friend refuses, but finally Sam-I-Am convinces him to take a taste and he likes it. The rhythm and rhyme of the story is fun and easy-to-understand. It also might convince your child to try foods that they shy away from.

Corduroy by Don Freeman

In this children's book, Corduroy the teddy bear waits in a department store to be purchased. A little girl named Lisa finds him, but her mother won't buy him because he is missing a button. That night, Corduroy decides to explore the department store to try to find his button. Although he fails, there is a happy ending for this loveable toy bear.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon is the classic bedtime story for young children. The book takes you through a room of objects, saying goodnight to each as you travel around the room. The repetitive, rhyming wording of the book is soothing and is easy for young children to memorize.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is about a caterpillar that eats his way through a ton of food over the course of one week. This book is full of beautiful illustrations and will help kids learn days of the week, different food names, and numbers. By the end of the book you'll also learn why the caterpillar was so hungry!

Curious George by Hans Augusto Rey and Margaret Rey

This little monkey has a knack for getting himself into trouble. His curiosity and love for fun often gets him places he shouldn't be. These stories are funny and entertaining, and things always seem to turn out for Curious George.

The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper

Versions of this children's story appear as early as the turn of the twentieth century, but the well-known version was written Watty Piper. In the story, a long train needs to be pulled over a mountain. Many large engines refuse, but one little engine volunteers to try. The little engine's perseverance and determination end up getting the train over the mountain. The story teaches the value of hard work.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

This children's book is about a boy and a tree. The tree gives the boy everything he asks for--a place to play, shade to stay cool, and apples to eat. The tree always selflessly gives everything the boy wants. When the boy grows up, the boy asks to cut down the tree to use it to build a boat. The tree obliges and all that is left is a stump. In his old age, the boy returns and reconciles with the tree.

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

First published in 1942, The Runaway Bunny is another classic children's book that has stood the test of time. It's about a young rabbit is thinking about running away because he thinks things will be better away from home. He tells his mother a number of ways he will cleverly run away. His mother reassuringly tells him how she will find him in each situation. It is a tale that is comforting to children and reminds them of their parents' love for them.

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

The Rainbow Fish is a children's book about a fish with colorful and shiny scales that make him the most beautiful fish in the ocean. However, he becomes arrogant and his friends abandon him. An octopus teaches him that there is more to beauty than what is on the outside, and the rainbow fish gives away his special scales and fixes his friendships with the other fish. Included in this book is a lesson about individuality, beauty, and kindness.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff

In If You Give a Mouse a Cookie a boy innocently gives his mouse a cookie. Then the mouse wants a glass of milk, which he does not finish because he gets distracted by wiping his face. Each time the mouse asks for something, he does not finish and moves onto another thing. It leaves the boy exhausted and the mouse wanting another cookie. This hilarious story teaches about consequences to actions and cause and effect.


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    • Modern Lady profile image

      Modern Lady 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      RedElf, I wish I had thought of Velveteen Rabbit! It's such a wonderful classic.

    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 5 years ago from Canada

      Velveteen Rabbit is another wonderful children's book, and one of my favorites. I found many old friends on your list, plus some new additions to my reading list. Welcome to HubPages.