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10 Love/Hate Relationship Books Worth Reading

Updated on April 16, 2020
Priya Barua profile image

Pursuing a rather tedious subject called law, Priya Barua still tries to find time to follow her passion for blogging.

I love a good love/hate relationship between the two protagonists. It’s always an exciting build-up—sparks flying, sexual tension, romance—and executed with the right finesses, it creates the most swoon-worthy read. Here are 10 novels that are worth giving a shot.

Do you enjoy the love/hate trope in books?

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'For some sick reason, fighting with this woman always ended with her panties in my pocket.' ― Christina Lauren, Beautiful Bastard
'For some sick reason, fighting with this woman always ended with her panties in my pocket.' ― Christina Lauren, Beautiful Bastard | Source

10 Love/Hate Relationship Books Worth Reading

Beautiful Bastard
Christina Lauren
The Hating Game
Sally Thorne
The Kiss Thief
L.N Shen
Call Me Irresistible
Susan Elizabeth Philips
Made for You
Lauren Layne
Rebel Belle
Rachel Hawkins
Anything You Can Do
R.S Grey
To Hate Adam Connor
Ella Maise
London's Perfect Scoundrel
Suzanne Enoch

1. Beautiful Bastard

Christina Lauren

Oh, this one is a modern fairy tale with a whip-sharp, outspoken and beautiful woman and an equally beautiful man. Set in a corporate setting, the employer-employee relationship between Chloe and Bennett is unmistakably fiery and I could almost see the sparks flying between them. The way their mutual hatred transitions into a sweet love story is so beautiful that it kept me cheering for their inevitable happy ending. This is one of my favorite romance novels of all time.

2. The Hating Game

Sally Thorne

This one is a very popular book. I think the name itself gives it away. What starts as a hating game between Joshua and the tiny Lucy gives way to a lot of chemistry simmering underneath their heated, and oh-so-witty verbal onslaughts. It is at its core a heart-warming romance novel with a funny protagonist and a shy hero. This was the book that introduced me to the love/hate equation and I’m awfully glad I read it.

3. The Kiss Thief

L.N Shen

The Kiss Thief displays another example of a love/hate equation. It’s unintentionally funny, gripping and downright sexy. It follows the story of a rich Italian girl, Francesca and the newly elected Senator Keaton. I am surprised to find how much I enjoyed this book even though the plot can be surmised as another M&B paperback. I often reread it.

4. Call Me Irresistible

Susan Elizabeth Philips

This is one of my all-time favorite books. It’s funny, witty with one of the sexiest male characters I’ve ever come across, Ted Beaudine. The heroine is also a spunky, city girl who is just trying hard to prove herself. When she breaks up Ted’s marriage to her best friend, she becomes the primary antagonist for Ted. But all that hatred is nothing but pent-up sexual tension and the story glides into a memorable, happy ending.

5. Made For You

Lauren Layne

Made For You is about straight-laced Brynn Dalton who abides life with a set of rules she had noted down a long time ago. She’s an achiever, a perfectionist who loves the monotony of life. Until Will Thatcher, her childhood enemy showed up on her birthday, looking hot and man-whorish. They used to hate each other, or more so, she thought she did but we all know how that ends. It’s a gripping story and I finished it in one sitting. It was very wonderfully written.

A good love/hate relationship creates a swoon-worthy read.
A good love/hate relationship creates a swoon-worthy read. | Source

6. Rebel Belle

Rachel Hawkins

It’s a fantasy trilogy and the focus is more on the fantasy part than the romance. Still, it’s a love-hate equation. Harper Price is tasked to protect David Stark. They hate each other with unbinding passion - circling each other like wolves - trying to one-up the other. She ultimately develops a crush on him, keeping true to the love/hate trope.

7. Anything You Can Do

R.S Grey

Two childhood enemies come back to their tiny hometown of Hamilton after successfully completing their medical degrees. But there is only one clinic and they both fight for a permanent position in that place. But things have changed, and Lucas is now a handsome, less arrogant teenager than Daisy remembered him to be. Yet, she is wary of him but only for some time. This is a surprisingly refreshing twist to an old trope with two sexy protagonists and a hell lot of sexual tension.

8. Two Weeks’ Notice

Whitney G

I read this book a long time ago. I remember it to be a good read as opposed to a good book, slightly funny and a little bit witty. The storyline seems a tad bit surreal and isn't all romance novels a tad bit surreal? Tara hates Preston Parker, who also happens to be her boss, her employer, her savior but perhaps that hate is simply just sexual tension? I love office romance more than anything, the slow build-up, the oh-you-drive-me-crazy and finally the alright-I-like you conclusion.

9. To Hate Adam Connor

Ella Maise

The book was longer than it should’ve been, with a slightly careless usage of the point-of-view for each character. Nevertheless, it was a good read and the love/hate trope was extensively used. The protagonist was just shy of being annoying but I was game with the hero, the handsome, successful Adam Connor who seduces her by just being there. I loved the romantic instances (and there were plenty) and loved the teeny, tiny twist at the end.

10. London’s Perfect Scoundrel

Suzanne Enoch

Michael Edward Halboro is an infamous rake, known in the circles of London as quite the ‘perfect’ scoundrel. And Evelyn Ruddick is just about as proper as they come. She dislikes him, his mannerisms, his reputation but even so, as she spends more time with him, strictly to aid the Heart of Hope Orphanage, she realizes that he might not be so bad after all. The book had some interesting twists and somewhat of an amusing storyline, but it had a slower pace than I usually prefer. Nevertheless, it was a good read and a book that you can definitely try.

Which of the books would you want to read?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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    • Priya Barua profile imageAUTHOR

      Priya Barua 

      9 months ago

      Hey @Tori, If you want to steer clear of sexual content, I'd suggest you stick to "The Hating Game," "Made For You" "The Kiss Thief" and "Rebel Belle." These books have some, albeit very less sexual content and read for a good story.

    • renee21 profile image

      Tori Leumas 

      9 months ago

      I don't know anything about these books, but some of them might be good. I don't like reading anything with erotica or explicit sexual descriptions, but I do like reading books where the characters love/hate each other.

    • Priya Barua profile imageAUTHOR

      Priya Barua 

      13 months ago

      @deepak: yes!!! It’s one of my favourites!

    • Vishw Deepak Jain profile image

      Vishw Deepak Jain 

      13 months ago from New Delhi

      Don't know a lot about these books but surely will read " Made for you".


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