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Top 10 Most Controversial Books of the World

Updated on May 3, 2017

10 Most Controversial Books of All Time

Books become controversial due to the element of blasphemy, obscenity, sex,or political issues in almost all of the countries in the world. A number of books are still banned in many countries. Top 10 most controversial books of all time are listed in this article. Some of them might have lost its tag of controversy now, but their role in the development of free thought and creative expression in the history of science and literature can not be ignored.

Dan Brown
Dan Brown | Source

The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code : A Great Search for Truth

The Da Vinci Code, the latest published book in this list, has created great controversy as it has some ideas against the basic doctrines of Christianity. Through this book, Dan Brown tried to raise doubt about the biblical facts like the celibacy of Jesus Christ. A section of critics accused the book as misrepresentation of many truth related with history of Christian religion.

Salman Rushdie
Salman Rushdie | Source

The Satanic Verses

2. The Satanic Verses : Verses of Blasphemy ?

It is the most controversial book of 20th century. Almost all of the Islamic countries have banned the book accusing blasphemy. Salman Rushdie has been living under death threat since its publication.

The Lady Chatterley's Lover

3.The Lady Chatterley's Lover : The Question Of Love and Morality

It is a (in)famous novel written by D H Lawrence. The book has broken the ideas of pseudo morality of the modern man. The book reveals that the inner urge and basic instincts of human being may sometimes turns to be animistic. This book has been banned in several countries of the world in the ground of graphical description of sex and obscenity. The shadow of feminism also palpable in this novel. The Lady Chatterley, the heroine, asserts her Individual freedom by her choice of a gardener as her life partner.

Moll Flanders

4. Moll Flanders : Remorse and Redemption

"Moll Flanders", a novel written by Daniel Defoe, is a story of remorse and redemption. This novel depicts the life of a woman named ,Moll, the daughter of a convict. The protagonist's life is a journey through thievery, adultery, prostitution, child neglect, and incest. A storm was raised against it by the moralists and the orthodox people.

The Communist Manifesto

5. The Communist Manifesto : The Hope for the Oppressed and the Poor

The Communist Manifesto is a most widely read book and can be termed as the most influential non - religious book in the world. The book has Challenged the basic ideals of capitalism and put forward a socialist society based on equality.

Taslima Nasrin
Taslima Nasrin | Source


6. Lajja : A Cross Section of Fundamentalism

Lajja, a novel by Taslima Nasrin, has made a mark in the literary landscape of the world. She is the first Bangladeshi writer who received so much popular attention. This novel is a critic on fundamentalism, religious extremism and deteriorating human values among a section of people.

Charles Robert Darwin
Charles Robert Darwin | Source

On The Origin of Species

7. On The Origin of Species : The Science of Origin of Man

The publication of On The Origin of Species was rude shock to the orthodox people as it destroyed many myths about the origin of man. The book negated the origin of man revealed in the holy scriptures.

The Animal Farm

8. The Animal Farm : A Critique of Communism

The Animal Farm is an allegory on communist rule of USSR. The short novel with both human and animal characters became a hot topic as many of the animal rulers has resemblance with the Russian rulers of that time.

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler | Source

Mien Kampf : The Revelations of the Mind of the Most Hated Human being

9. Mein Kampf

It is autobiography of Hitler. The book deals with the early phase of his life and works in a very vivid manner. Hitler has revealed his controversial hate philosophy in this work. Through this book he revealed his anti-Semitic attitude, his belief in the superiority of Aryans,and his enmity towards communism.

Alice Walker
Alice Walker | Source

The Color Purple

10. The Color Purple : Women and Freedom

Alice walker's much discussed book dealing with homo sexuality, incest, rape and the loose morals on the part of women to counter the patriarchal nature of the society. A section of the critics think that this work is her master piece.


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  • nichellewebster profile image

    Nichelle Webster 4 years ago from Silicon Valley

    Great list. I think I would add The Satanic Bible by Anton LeVay. It has an evil title, but sneakily encourages people to be ethical and kind!

  • profile image

    Michelle Widmann 4 years ago

    I understand why all of these books are on the list, but I find it interesting that The DaVinci Code is at the top of the list. Are the books listed in order of how controversial they are, or are they in no particular order? Either way, very interesting hub!