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10 Places to Find Webcomics or Indie Comics

Updated on April 29, 2016

Possibly the largest collection of English webcomics. This hosting website has a unique downward scrolling reading experiance. You can subscribe to track your favourite comics when they update, leave comments on every page to express your love, and it automatically saves your place for later reading.

Each creator also has their own blog section to tell readers about special promotions or news. The explore comic section lets you browse most effectively by what is popular at the moment or by grouping put together by the web masters, though a lengthy full list is available.

They also have their own app so that you can get the same high quality exoperiance anywhere.

Visit Taptastic

An English version of Naver created to post translations of their Korean webcomics, but it also includes comics by English speakers. This multi-platform collection specializes in showing when comics update and which comics are popular by age category and genre. It is a bright and colorful website that even integrates music with some of its comics. The only drawback is the lack of text describing what the comics are about which can make choosing a bit difficult.

It is a bright and colorful website that even integrates music with some of its comics. The website has a huge collection and encourages you to try new stories with recommended comics under each webcomic page. The only drawback is the lack of text describing what the comics are about which can make choosing a bit difficult.


A database listing and linking to English language comics from anywhere on the internet. Though not the largest database, it offers the most extensive search allowing users to choose a combination of genres as well as other options including start date, type of comic, completion status of the comic, and available language.

The home page offers a list of comics updated that day, newly added comics, and random comics. Each individual comic listing also has a related recommendation section so that you can keep exploring the wide world of comics.

Visit Independent Comic Database

Though a little more difficult to navigate, this system acts like an Internet browser by opening the website of each comic while hovering as a toolbar at the top of the page. You can use it keep track of your favorite comics. There is also a way to search by staff picks, newly updated, and unique genres. It also advertises other available comics in the sidebars. A fun place to visit if you're looking for something new and unexpected.

Visit Comic Rocket

An exclusive group of comics with specially company designed websites that perfectly complement the content of each comic. The homepage contains all the comics as tiled pictures that show a description on rollover. These can be ordered by genre, alphabetically, age group, or update day and this order changes each time you visit so visitors get a fresh look at the available list.

It does not have as many comics as other websites, but it makes up for this in the quality, hand-picked comics that it does have.

Visit Hiveworks

This website has a smaller list of quality comics that apply to be on the list and are hosted at creator run websites on the internet. Their homepage shows a select few popular comics alone with fun community news. The full list which is displayed as large rectangular thumbnails with scroll over descriptions can be browsed by genre. A cool feature they have on their full page descriptions are the stylized versions of each comic title.

They also have a resource section full of advice for artists and comic creators.

Visit Spider Forest

Though originally created as a way to keep track of manga and anime, it now includes a number of webcomics. Their search engine is quite extensive, allowing you to search by title, author, genre, date created, and more. They also have user generated recommendations for comics with descriptions for why certain comics are similar.

This website is all about making lists so that you can remember what you have read and boast about it.

Visit My Anime List

Offering a unique blend of stories as comics, first-person prose, and audio dramas in the genre of shojo/josei that to emulate the Japanese culture. Though their collection is mostly free you are encouraged to purchase a cheap membership to support the creators and unlock extra features. These works are eventually published as books and CDs. Their work is geared towards females, but can be enjoyed by all.

Visit Sparkler Monthly

As the title suggests all the comics found here are hero-oriented. It is fun to see the different styles used to depict heroism. There are currently 26 comics in the collection to get you started down the path to butt-kicking fun. You will find the most unlikely characters such as Handicape and Supper Mom trying to save the day or simply catch their breath.

Visit Collective of Heros

This website is the best for notifying you when comics update. It currently lists thousands of comics in 11 genres. Anyone can add to the list so it continues to grow. The website also has community news so you can learn about fun facts and events related to the industry. The downside is that it includes many series that are first attempts or have been discontinued and it's impossible to know which ones.

Visit The Webcomic List

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