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10 Reasons You Should Love Reading

Updated on March 24, 2016

1) You have to anyway. Getting information from almost anything, from the newspaper to the internet is going to likely require reading of some sort. It’s much easier if you enjoy it.

2) If you’re in high school, you’re probably going to need to break down two or more books for one of your English finals. For example in New York (at least, when I took my exams) you are given a random topic (that you will not know before the test is handed out). Using that topic, and books as your source of evidence, you need to construct an essay around the topic. The more books you’ve read, the higher likelihood that you can write the essay.

3) Grammar - sure, you don’t need no grammar, but people with grammar skills less than that of a well-studied 8th grader probably aren’t going to fill out sufficient resumes, applications, or papers. If you want a job, you need to learn how to spell and punctuate, skills that can be absorbed through reading.

4) Vocabulary – If your vocab is consistent of roughly seven words, you aren’t going far. Using the context of a sentence and the words around an unknown word can give you the idea of what the word means, and allows you to better use that word in your own vocabulary every day.

5) Reading is attractive in all forms and ideas of the word attractive. No matter what gender you are, reading and intelligence are attractive to anyone with intelligence. If you take care of yourself and have your nose in a book, one you actually enjoy, you’ll attract the company of intelligent people who may like the same kinds of books. Commonality = attraction, in both the friendly and more personable manner.

6) Reading is an escape from your crappy job, crappy apartment, and crappy life. Step up next to Frodo or Harry and step out of the world that you know. With so many little worlds out there, there are many ways to escape the confines of reality.

7) There are different kinds of stories for everyone. Mystery, romance, science fiction, and hundreds more. Love stories with deeper meanings and stories of victories in battle. If you can find a TV show that interests you, you can find a book genre that catches your attention.

8) It makes you smarter, with enhancing your vocabulary and grammatical skills you actually gain intelligence as well. For example John Green’s Paper Towns is not only a story of a boy obsessed with a girl, but a story of how we really see people, and how they should be seen. Another example is Hyde by Daniel Levine, whose main character makes you suspicious of the truth of the entire tale within the first few chapters. How trustworthy are the characters that lead you in these stories? Only as trustworthy as they appear to be. Books make you think more deeply, and thinking deeply helps your brain develop.

9) Reading encourages writing, when I was in tenth grade I started reading a book, I don’t remember the name, I just knew that it was terrible. I thought to myself ‘even I could write better than this’ and thus a writer was born. Read, Write, Live.

10) It's fun, and right now it doesn’t seem like it, but picking up a book that looks interesting and sounds interesting, and then reading it because you want to is very different than English class. English makes you read classics and pick them apart, to understand literature, which is great, but it doesn’t make you want to read. Only you can want to read, and finding a book you’re a little curious about is the first step.

Go on, get reading.


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