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10 Reasons to Avoid PLR Articles

Updated on August 26, 2014

Just Say No

PLR articles are Private Label Rights articles which a business or individual can obtain for free or a low price. Since many hold to the idea that content is king, bloggers are sometimes pressured to come up with content constantly. Frankly, some are at a loss of what to write on a daily basis to get people to come back to their page. Some resort to PLR articles. This may seem like a fast solution, but there is danger in using them.

-- PLR articles are generally over saturated by the time a person gets to them. Meaning, by the time the articles are received and used hundreds have already put them on their website.

-- There is no uniqueness to the content if the articles are used as is. If hundreds already have it, why should a person make a special trip to a company's website to read it?

-- Google will get you. Google hates PLR articles and generally considers them spam. So even if the article has all the right keywords, it will rank lower, if at all.

-- PLR articles are generally poorly written. Part of this is because the company is paying the person pennies (literally) to write them, and some of them are using English as a second language.

-- It's lazy. With all the stuff that happens in companies, questions people have about products/services, you REALLY can't find something unique to write about?

-- It's plagiarism (technically). Although it is legal and the articles can be used for any reason, is it fair to use someones work and slap your name on it?

-- It is self defeating. If hundreds have used it already and it is not going to serve your purpose on Google then it defeats the point of driving traffic to your site.

-- It contributes to slave wages for writers. Let's say the writers are legit, just trying to pay some bills. By buying or obtaining the articles for free, you have guaranteed they will never get a real wage for article writing. The only person this helps financially is the person who is selling the articles not the writer.

-- They are a waste of money. If PLR articles tend to be overused, then buying them is a waste of money. Granted, the articles are really cheap, but if they are not unique, then it is a waste of money.

-- There are better options for content. If your company does not have time to blog, then have guest bloggers. This is generally a win-win for both sides and you don't run into trouble with Google.

PLR articles may seem like a great idea, but when you put it all together, it seems that it is a major waste of time to the user. PLR articles are not good for your business.


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