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10 Signs That You are a Writer

Updated on January 16, 2018

Are you a writer?

Yeah? No? If confused don't worry this is what most of the people go through. I never knew I was a writer until I started observing myself and other writers. I always thought I wanted to be a doctor. So I ended up being a science student and then I gotta know that's not what I really wanted. Then I thought maybe I was born to be a singer. But no, singing was not too much fun. Maybe I wanted to be a singer because Adam Levine is a singer. Or a doctor bacause it is one of the most prestigious job in the world. But Hey! Here I am very happy being a writer, which I always was but took a really long time to realize. So here are the few things which helped me clear my doubts. Maybe you too can check if you share these signs with me or not.

1. You love to read

Since time immemorial you just love reading. You read almost everything and almost everywhere. Books are everything for you. And while reading to fictions you easily get attached to your literary characters. It takes weeks to get out of your mind. You sacrifice your sleep, meals and even parties sometimes to complete your book without even thinking twice. A perfect vacation is not complete without reading your favorite authors. After all reading is relaxing.

2. You would rather write it than say it

You believe written text put more impact on people because this is how it works to you. If anybody says you that they love you, you would not really believe them. But when they write it to you, it hits your consciousness immediately. You really appreciate greeting cards, sweet text messages or even small happy notes. Even when it comes to communicating through phone calls you prefer texting.

3. You just love thinking

You can think, think, think and never get over it. You just don't even care if it's wasting your time. Actually it's not at all a waste of time for you. After all thinking is a real job. Most of the time you have people telling you that "Damn! You think a lot." But you don't really agree with them, and never will. You are a perfect day dreamer.

4. You have journals more than you even need them

Buying a new journal gives you a sense of happiness. You exactly know the ecstasy of filling out the last page in a journal. But most of the time you don't even fill your journal completely and start filling a new one. You value your journals over your clothes or shoes. You get sick with just the thought of dumping your filled up journals.

5. Love buying stationery

You just can't resist passing by a stationery store or a book store without buying anything from it. Be it your favourite colour notepad, a perfect pen or tiny little paper clips. You just love collecting stationery items and new books. Oh I extremely love the smell of new books.

6. Interested in stories

You are interested in listening to stories. You love talking and hearing from people. You are always curious to know what is the story behind every face. Be it the face of a nanny, your dentist or a cab driver. You love listening to new stories from people and you believe every real story has potential to be a fictional story. Most probably you believe that if you put your life story in a book it will hit the top of New York's bestseller list, don't you?

7. Crave for some Me Time

You love spending time alone. You would rather be sitting alone in your room than attending parties. Me Time is as important to you as your breakfast. When you are tight with schedule you crave for space and time alone. It is really hard for you to work non-stop without relaxing. You always make sure to schedule some me time for yourself.

8. Born for words

You began reading and writing sooner than your older siblings did or other children your age. You love learning new words. Dictionary probably was your good friend when young. You love reading and writing from the time you learnt A, B and C of English alphabets. It always gave you pleasure to sit with a pen and write out everything that's in your mind.

9. People appreciate your words

Your friends, family, colleagues and almost everybody you know ask you to write their important emails, letters or even greeting cards because they know how much spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes annoy you so you would probably be away from them naturally.

10. You always want to write

Okay, so even if you don't write often, if you are busy with your hectic lifestyle or 9-5 job, do you still think of writing? If most of the time you wished you were writing, then Congratulations you were born to be a writer. Welcome to the world of pens, books and coffees.

Do let me know if you share these signs with me. And if not, what are the signs you have in you that helped?

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