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10 Things All Game Of Thrones Fans Would Love To See In Future Seasons

Updated on December 18, 2015

Friendly warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Game of Thrones is not just an HBO television show. No. It's a way of life. Kind of like Star Wars or Harry Potter. It's the type of franchise that has fans from every corner of the globe. Young, old and from every culture or race you can imagine. If you don't know about Game of Thrones (or at least the saying "Winter is Coming"), then your only excuse could be that you've been stuck in North Korea or in a jungle for the last 5 years.

Then again, if you've stumbled upon this article then you must already be a fan of the dragon-slash-incest-filled show, and you never thought you'd be a fan of something you'd describe in that way.

As a fan you know what you'd love the show to give us, but the real question is, would author George R.R. Martin give in? Or would he just tear our hearts out again like he did in previous books and seasons? We all know it's going to be the latter, but like fools we still live in hope.

Here are 10 things all fans would love to see in future seasons of Game of Thrones...


10. Sansa's Revenge

Sansa Stark has really had her fair share of bad luck. From her betrothal to Joffrey that went completely wrong when he turned out to be a super psycho, to Littlefinger gift-wrapping her to the biggest sadist in Westeros; Ramsay Bolton.

From there things have just gotten worse for her as her new husband repeatedly rapes her while he makes his "pet" Reek (formerly Theon Greyjoy) watch.

However, in the last episode Sansa and Theon made their escape when they jumped off of Winterfell's wall. Will they survive? Only time will tell.

If they do, we sure hope that Sansa will grow some balls and seek revenge on everyone who's done her wrong. Wouldn't it be lovely to see her avenge her father by killing Petyr Baelish with a dagger, or make Ramsay pay for all the wrong he did to her by slicing off a finger at a time?


9. Lady Stoneheart

If you're a die-hard fan of the books, then you're among many that were terribly disappointed when the last two seasons ended without introducing a vital character to the show.

Lady Stoneheart is Catelyn Stark brought back to life by Beric Dondarrion after she and her son Rob Stark get massacred at the (now-famous) Red Wedding. HBO viewers have yet to encounter this amazing character who goes on a murderous rampage and kills anyone who has ever done her family wrong.

However, rumours are rife (yet again), that Stoneheart might actually appear on Season 6 of the show with author George R.R. Martin saying that he would love it if show producers decided to throw her in the mix. We can only hope.


8. Bran's Glorifying Moment

Do you remember a time when Jaime Lannister was the worst villain in Westeros? Ah, the good old days.

Well, we might have forgotten that he crippled a 10 year old boy on the show (and he's 8 in the books), but Bran Stark will eventually remember how he lost his ability to walk and that might just be the scene in which Jaime Lannister will meet his end, theorists believe.

But Bran still has a lot to do before that happens! We haven't seen him since the three-eyed raven (or old man stuck to a tree), promised the young Stark that he would fly.

According to the little birdies on set, Bran Stark is alive and well in Season 6 and we might just get more than we bargained for. What will Bran bring to the table in Season 6? Will he be able to travel back in time and find a certain "R + L = J" secret that he needs to bring back to big brother Jon? Hmm...


7. Stark Reunion

Wouldn't it be glorious to finally see at least 2 Starks get reunited? Of course, this is Game of Thrones, so chances of that happening are very slim, but let's humour ourselves for a second.

Imagine if Jon had to come back to life, what would be his next step? We could imagine him going back to Winterfell and discovering what Sansa had been through and perhaps even save her from Ramsay or perhaps he'd have some quest to fulfill in Braavos (is that a long shot?) and meet up with Arya.

Maybe Arya and Rickon could meet up somewhere (where the hell did he and Osha go anyway?). Hell, we'd even be happy if Bran and Rickon could meet up again.

Can someone please just make these Starks meet up again? PLEASE.


6. Cersei's Death

In last season's "Mother's Mercy", we saw Cersei down and out on her luck as she did her "walk of shame" in the streets of King's Landing. Sure she was a horrible character from the beginning, but we couldn't help but feel sorry for the Lannister matriarch.

When Maggy the Frog prophesied Cersei's future in the books, she said, "the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you".

Now, "Valoqar" means "little brother" in High Valyrian, so we know that it will be one of her brothers (either Jaime or Tyrion) will kill her.

Perhaps not though, Maggy didn't say HER little brother, did she? It could be someone else's little brother. Either way, it's going to be a big and emotional scene when Cersei does eventually meet her demise.


5. Tyrion's Heroic Moment

Although we would love to see him on the Iron Throne, the chances of that happening are zero to none. We can, however, hope that he would be the best hand to the king (or queen) of Westeros.

At the moment it looks like he will be "advising" Dany on affairs for a few future seasons, but things could always change and he could just become adviser to someone else (depending on how things turn out).

Perhaps the show will go into a completely different direction and Tyrion doesn't end up being anyone's hand after all. He could (and don't kill me for mentioning it) actually die in future seasons.

But it's Tyrion, and everybody loves him, so if he is going to die, you can bet that he will go out with a bang. He could die a heroic death that will shift the story forever. Martin did say that the ending will be bittersweet, after all.


4. Jon Snow's Revival

They say it's inevitable and that it wouldn't make sense if Jon Snow stayed dead. It's been proven over and over and over again that he will, after all, be revived one way or another.

It's really the worst kept secret in Hollywood to date.

So how is it going to happen? Most theorists believe that Mellisandre will revive our favourite b*stard with her Red God, because of her sudden and unexpected return to the wall in the last episode, and others believe he might just come back as a wight.

In recent set pictures Jon is pictured wearing his father's clothes instead of the black uniform of the Night's Watch. Are the producers trolling us, or is Jon taking Winterfell back in Season 6?


3. Three Heads Of The Dragon

In the House of The Undying, Danaerys comes across a vision of Rhaegar and he looks at his little sister as if seeing her, and then he says that "There must be one more," and "The dragon has three heads."

One of the things fans cannot wait to see is who the three heads of the dragon will be, as most believe he means there should be three dragon riders.

The most famous theory about this is that it will be Danaerys herself, Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister, because they all have a few things in common (assuming the R + L = J theory is true), like all of their mothers dying the day they gave birth to them.

Other theories suggest that Bran, The Hound and even Varys could all be candidates, but does that really make sense?


2. Danaerys (Finally) Makes It To Westeros

Earlier in the year there was a picture making the rounds of Dany, Cersei and Margaery on set in full costume that heavily implied that Daenerys had finally made her way to Westeros. Our dreams were crushed when we were told that it was only for a photoshoot, but that could also have been the producers toying with us.

Will Dany finally make her way to Westeros in Season 6?

Well, we've been waiting forever, so hopefully it will actually happen in this season. We can't wait to see the encounter between Dany and Cersei when she does eventually make her way there and try and take the Iron Throne for herself.

Cersei definitely won't stand for it, and could you imagine Cersei sitting quietly while listening to Missandei recite all of Dany's titles? Definitely not.


1. A Battle Between Ice And Fire

Assuming the "bittersweet ending" George R.R. Martin teased us about is actually a battle between Danaerys and Jon, we can only assume it will be one hella epic battle between ice and fire.

Will Jon form some kind of alliance with the White Walkers and have them fight with him? Will Dany's dragons make mincemeat out of them? Will Dany and Jon fight the White Walkers together?

And more importantly, who will win the right to sit on the most overrated and probably most uncomfortable chair in the 7 kingdoms?


What Would You Love To See In Future Seasons?

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