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10 Things Common to All Erotic-Novel Heroes

Updated on July 19, 2017

Erotic Fiction:

Some of the erotic novels in popular culture include: Bared to You by Sylvia Day, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James, Dublin Street by Samantha Young and more.

This post, '10 things common in all Erotic-Novel Heroes' explores the recurring characteristics in such novels. (This research has been done solely based on popular erotic fiction)

1. They are always unbelievably, unimaginably, incomprehensibly wealthy.

There are a lot of rich people in this world; people who can afford a house in Hamptons, people who can afford to send their children to Ivy League colleges and people who can afford to take annual trips around the world. Yet, our erotic novel heroes are not simply rich; they are unbelievably, unimaginably and incomprehensibly wealthy. Here we are always talking about billionaires, because well, millionaires are so mainstream, right? But the last time I checked, there are only like a 1000 billionaires in the entire world and 90% of them are above 50. Our heroes are no more than 30.

2. They are always wall-smacking hotness.

I get it. If you are rich, then you can also invest to beautify yourself. Get a tummy suction or play dress up in designer clothes which probably sums up to a normal person’s monthly remuneration. But our heroes are not just about tummy suction or designer clothes, they are also wall-smacking hotness. Vibrant blue/grey/green eyes, tanned skin, lustrous hair, long limbs, broad shoulders, washboard flat abs --- they have it all. The perfect masterpiece God has ever created.

3. They are the CEO of a company.

Another plus point when it comes to our heroes. They are the CEO of the company. I mean to say that you can be rich without being the CEO, but no, they are the head of the company; their very own boss.

4. They are excellent at what they do.

Fine, so they are the CEO of the company. A lot of people make CEO because they have connections, or because it is a family business and they may not even be competent enough. But our heroes, whether connection or not, are excellent at what they do. They are most feared in the boardroom, they are most this and most that... and well, you get it.

5. They have incredible taste.

And of course, no erotic hero is without extremely fine taste. The best wine, the best chocolates, the best cigars, the best bed-sheets, the best clothes ---in fact, they have such incredible taste, that you are likely to think that they’d be better off being a wine connoisseur or something.

6. They have commitment issues.

I think most guys in most books seem to suffer from commitment issues. The reasons are usually like; unstable family life or a bad relationship. But in most erotic books, if not all, the guy will have issues to even get involved in a proper functional relationship. Marriage is a far cry.

7. They have had their fair share of women before meeting the heroine.

They are good-looking, rich, young and so why the hell wouldn’t they attract all the butterflies in town? They would. And yes, you can expect them to be really bedroom savvy and everything savvy when it comes to seducing women.

8. They are awesome in the bedroom

Well, this seems to be the only acceptable fact about all the erotic heroes; since they have had a lot of experience (#7), so they would naturally be amazing in the bed.

9. They are damaged goods. Usually.

What’s an erotic novel without making our hero a fallen angel? So before you even start reading an erotic novel, be sure to expect that the hero has suffered from a heinous past and nothing can heal it, but the leading lady's love. Well, this is usually given to provide some depth to the characters otherwise the book would simply be struck off as a Mills and Boon.

10. Their P.O.V is not often provided.

You will read stuff like: ...

(he) is watching me; his face a mask not letting any emotions escape.

And there, in his beautiful eyes, is a wild desire mirroring the one inside me.

He is power and poetry, grace and perfection.

I met his vivid blue eyes. They were intense and unsmiling.

There are some books which also provide the guy’s perspective like Beautiful Bastard but they are difficult to come by.

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