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10 Weird OR scary Superstitions

Updated on November 22, 2011

So, I’ve heard a lot of superstitious…especially when I have a family that believes in them. These aren’t the scariest or weirdest superstitions that I’ve heard, but still weird and scary all the same.

1) It is bad luck when you move away to bring your old broom. The old broom would presumably bring in the old luck (which I guess it wouldn’t be bad if your luck was pretty good at the other house) back to your new house.

2) It is bad luck to open an umbrella in the house. It’s to block the sun. So it would be disrespectful to the sun to use it any other way.

3) When the doorbell rings, and you look and saw no one there, don’t open the door. Superstition dictates that you’ll be inviting a spirit into your house that way hence…the spirit is ringing the doorbell.

4) It’s bad luck to tell ghost stories, play shadow puppets, and do anything ghost related (hide and seek in the house per se…) because that’s inviting the ghost to play too

5) It’s bad luck to comb your hair in front of the mirror at 12 am midnight because you might accidentally be acknowledging a ghost behind the mirror.

6) When your left eye twitches, it’s bad luck…when your right eye twitches, it’s good luck.

7) If you have mole under your eye, you cry a lot. If you have a mole around your private areas (men or women), you have sex a lot.

8) If you have a white-lunar type scar in the middle of your fingernail, you have money.

9) If you have a birthmark on your body, you probably got shot in your last life there.

10) If women likes to eat spice, that means they’re the independent type. Those that do NOT enjoy spicy food are the submissive or quiet type.


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    • profile image

      kyle 3 years ago

      this is so cool

    • profile image

      Sorry about Fucky 5 years ago

      Fucky is a terrible bloody idiot, excuse his stupidity!