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15 Writing Prompts You've Never Seen Before

Updated on September 4, 2020
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Mag is an aspiring writer with great hopes for the future and an abnormal obsession with reading.



She sat in silence, it was the only thing that let her be. Silence didn't hurt her. Silence didn't betray her. Silence wasn't him. So (Insert Name) sat in the dark, shackled to the wall, and let the silence swallow her whole.


#15 is about a woman who has been betrayed in some horrible way. There was definitely a man involved. Now the protagonist is in a prison of sorts, clearly against her will, broken, and accepting of her fate.


He pounded the ball into the pavement. Harder and harder he threw it. Again and again. Over and over. POP. The ball sagged into the ground.

"You stupid ball!" He screamed.

"You stupid, stupid ball!"


#14 is about a man who is very, very angry and probably hurt about something. Is he angry at the ball, or is he angry at something else? Something deeper? That's for you to decide.


The sun blinded her as she squinted up at the sky.

"What's up there papa?" She asked.

"The sky, the sun, and all the worlds above." He answered.

"The worlds above? You mean like where you're from?"

There was no answer.

"Papa? PAPA!"


#13 is about a girl and her papa, who appears to be from another world. And as the girl questions her papa about the worlds above, papa disappears. Did he walk away, was he abducted by aliens, did he have a heart attack? Who knows, that's up to you.


"It's my fault. It's all my fault."

"It wasn't you."

"Yes it was."

"There was no way any of us could have known."

"But that's the problem! I should have known. And because I didn't, now she's dead."


The #12 writing prompt is about a man/woman who is clearly upset and feeling guilty about something. Perhaps there is some survivors guilt? Who knows.


"How is this possible?"

"Well, I had a friend open a time portal, then I knocked the friend out and jumped here."


"Yes. Very. More coffee please?"


#11 is about time travel, betrayal, and coffee. How will you use this in your stories, or as inspiration? That's up to you!


She sat on the floor, and stared at the ceiling fan, as blood dripped slowly off it.

"Open up!" A policeman pounded on the door.

She laughed silently under her breath.

Let them come. All of them. No matter what they did, she would get her vengeance.


#10 is about a woman who appears to have murdered someone. Or maybe she didn't and is coincidentally in the room? Was there a coup, and a group left her as the fall guy? Whatever her reason, a women is in a bloody room, and the police are breaking down the door.

And she's angry.


The rain fell down to the ground.

The clouds rumbled ominously.

"Why did it have to happen today?"

"The rain? I don't know."


#9 appears to be a short clip of dialogue that you could factor into your story. Perhaps someone is upset and someone else is trying to make light of the situation by joking around? Where the story goes next is up to you.


"Hey! What's going on?"

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Why are you sitting on the floor with my girlfriend?"


#8 is about a guy or girl who just found a person sitting on the floor with his or her girlfriend. What is his/her reaction? Why were they sitting on the floor together? That's up to you!


The floor is cold.

You're gossip is getting old.

Those socks smell like mold.


#7 appears to be a bit of a short poem. Perhaps the main character speaks in poems? Maybe they have a condition? Or maybe they're just a random person, randomly rhyming.


"What?" She laughed incredulously.

"I'm serious! Let's do this!" I exclaimed, suddenly very excited.

"You want to buy a goat? Really?" She asked once more.

"Yes! It sounds awesome! We'd get tons of free milk all the time!"

"Sweetie," She sighed, "I'm lactose intolerant, remember?"


#6 is about a guy who wants to buy a goat with what appears to be either his wife or girlfriend, only she's lactose intolerant. Is this the end for them, or just a bump in the road?


So darkness fell, and with it the sun.

"It's here." He whispered.

"(Insert Name) is here."


#5 appears to be about the end of the world. Or something, that has taken away the sun. And eclipse maybe?


"Stop it! Stop it I mean it!" She giggled, squirming out of his reach on the bed.

"Oh, come here you baby!" He chuckled, grabbing her feet and tickling them.

"AAH! Stop! It tickles! Stop!" She cried out happily. Mischievously he smiled, "Okay... sure." Suddenly, with a loud boom, the lights went out, and he was holding her tightly. "Shh," he whispered quietly.

"They'll hear you."


#4 is about a couple that are tickling each other until the lights go out and the boyfriend quiets the girl. He tells her to be quiet, so he may know who, or what has made the lights go out.


"9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4.... 4, 4, 4, 4...." Sputtered the countdown.

It was stuck! She had done it! But ended her life in the process.


#3 is about some sort of a countdown. And someone has stopped the end of the world. Who did this? Why? What are some of the results?


She turned up the French music, and as Stromae shouted out his words, her heart began to heal. Slowly, but surely, she smiled, and sang along.


#2 is about a girl who is hurt, then listens to French music, and starts to heal. Why does she need French music? Is she healing internally or externally? Can she sing? How will this inspire you story?


I looked up through the thick, green leaves, and through them, saw a spot of sun. Was that what my grandmother had told me about? Was this the sun? Whatever it was, it was bright, even as a tiny crack slipping through the forest's defenses. With a shriek, my mother appeared, grabbed me by the arm, and tugged me back into our house, "You foolish, insolent child! I told you the sun will kill you! Now stop trying to look at it."


#1 is about a person, who's clearly never seen the sun before. Why is this? Has her mother, who is clearly afraid of the sun, been the one keeping her in the forest? Is her grandmother still alive? What has made them choose to live under a canopy of trees?


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