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Books Like the Fault in Our Stars

Updated on March 17, 2015

Novels Like "The Fault in Our Stars"

You will find lots of books like "The Fault in Our Stars" featured here. Books for young adults that deal with love and loss and hurting.

These novels will bring out the emotion in young adults, and will make them fall in love with reading and life.

You'll enjoy the selections chosen here, and adults will enjoy reading these, as well. Have your tissues close at hand, and be prepared to be touched emotionally. The first time I watched the movie I was touched emotionally too and shed more than a few tears.

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The Fault in Our Stars [Hardcover] by John Green

Here is the book that is extremely popular for young adult readers. It deals with terminal illness and the young people who have it and fall in love. The characters are believable and "real." You'll enjoy the storyline. Have those tissues ready, because you're going to cry and laugh at John Green's emotional look at young love and dying.

Maybe you need to check out the actual book first before buying anything similar

Books That Are Similar to "The Fault in Our Stars"

Me & Earl & the Dying Girl
Me & Earl & the Dying Girl

An insightful look at 3 teens. 2 movie-making, socially inept boys, and the girl with leukemia, whom they befriend, and end up making a movie for her. The most socially inept, Greg must come out of his shell and make a stand. You'll love and grow with these characters while laughing and crying.

Before I Die
Before I Die

A dying girl is determined to fulfill her wish list, with sex being the number one goal on that list. Tessa is estranged from her mother, and lives with her father and brother. She gets a new boyfriend, and this story takes you through her last days on earth before her illness takes her life. A touching, painful story of love, relationships and loss.


A Summer to Die

A Summer to Die [Paperback] by Lois Lowry

Meg and Molly are feuding sisters. Molly is the oldest of the two, and Meg resents Molly's beauty and popularity. The family makes a big move to a small house in the country and Meg's resentment for Molly continues to grow. Molly starts changing physically and is continually grouchy, and this just fuels Meg's displeasure with her. They soon discover that Molly is sick. Will Meg be able to show her true feelings to Molly now?

More Books That Are Similar

A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend
A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend

Cass' friend Julia talks for months about a secret project she's working one. Suddenly Julia dies in a tragic car accident, and the her friends on a drama team decide to produce Julia's play (her secret project). Cass hates working on the drama team and some of the members there, so she takes off. This story follows Cass on a cross-country bike trip back, and her coming back to the drama team, where she swallows her pride and falls in love.


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Red Tears
Red Tears

This book deals sensitively with the self-harming behavior of a teen and her parents' reaction to it. A wonderful book for young adults, and a potential, helpful resource for those who hurt themselves!


About Alice [Hardcover] by Calvin Trillin

A loving tribute written by a husband five years after his wife's death to a disease. He shares how they fell in love, the devotion she had to her family, her gifts as a writer and teacher. This book is heartfelt and a wonderful read for adults and young adults alike.

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