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10 feet under

Updated on January 31, 2012

10 feet under

Now I'm trapped here with myself

I had no idea what was at stake,

or even what it would take.

With thoughts of you I walked and waited.

Now I'm trapped in a cage I made myself.

And now I feel I can't escape,

Still not knowing what's at stake.

But having the hint that it's my heart.

I will try to feel for another what I felt for you.

But in this cage that you helped me create I am trapped.

I can't escape

I've lost almost all hope,

of moving on.

Trapped in the cage we built together.

Trapped in a cage buried 10 feet under.

and now I start to wonder what it will take to get out.

You put me here and I will free myself.

I will dig myself our of this cage,

And I will no longer be 10 feet under.


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    • aylee95 profile image

      aylee95 6 years ago from Honolulu, HI.

      I like the poem, love it actually. :D

      There were parts of the poem that I felt didn't go as smoothly because the beginning of your poem rhymed and then it swithched to not rhyming (I have this problem myself also sometimes). Then there were lines where there were one too many or too little syllables compared to the previous or the next line and it threw the rhythem off so it was hard to get it back. Other then that though, the poem was awesome and I enjoyed it. :)