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10 popular childrens rhymes and books to buy them.

Updated on June 1, 2015

10 Rhymes for children.

Children love rhymes and poems. I know this because I still do find inspiration and happiness in the nursery rhymes my mother used to recite for me when I was a child. These nursery rhymes will give your child something to think about, something to remember. They will invoke emotions and fill their minds with exclamation and a sense of joy and wonder and creativity. Some are short and simple while others are long and more musical, which will surely grasp your child's attention.

The first rhyme is a personal favorite and is a good one for desert.

(Poem one)

Little Jack Horner sat in the corner, eating a christmas pie. He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said, "What a good boy am I!"

Poem number two is an all time classic about a broken eggshell.

(Poem two)

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall. All the kings horses, And all the kings men, Couldn't put humpty together again.

(poem three)

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row.

Rhyme four is a popular sing song that rhymes brilliantly.

(Poem four)

Oh, dear, what can the matter be? Dear, dear, what can the matter be? Oh, dear, what can the matter be? Johnny's so long at the fair. He promised to buy me a pair of sleeve buttons, A pair of new garters that cost him but tuppence; He promised he'd bring me a bunch of blue ribbons To tie up my bonnie brown hair.

Song five may inadvertently make your child want a farm animal. This takes me back to my days in school when I brought my pet in for show and tell.

(Poem five)

Mary had a little lamb, Its fleece was white as snow; And everywhere that Mary went, The lamb was sure to go. It followed her to school one day, Which was against the rule; It made the children laugh and play to see a lamb at school. And so the teacher turned it out, But still it lingered near; and waited patiently about, Till Mary did appear. "Why does the lamb love Mary so?" The eager children cry; "Why Mary loves the lamb, you know," The teacher did reply.

(Poem six)

Pretty maid, pretty maid, Where have you been? Gathering roses to give to the queen. Pretty maid, pretty maid, What gave she you? She gave me a diamond as big as my shoe.

Often shorter poems can be more effective, I find this poem to be very light and colorful.
It is about a young woman visiting a town and the clothes she is wearing.

(Poem seven)

Daffy-down-dilly is now come to town, In a yellow petticoat and a green gown.

(Poem eight)

When I was a little girl, About seven years old, I hadn't got a petticoat to keep me from the cold. So I went to Darlington, That pretty little town, And there I bought a petticoat, A cloak and a gown.

This next poem is about a girl learning to play gently with her pet pussycat.

(Poem nine)

I love little pussy, her coat is so warm, And if I don't hurt her she'll do me no harm. So I'll not pull her tail, nor drive her away, But pussy and I very gently will play.

The last poem I have chosen as a bedtime favorite.

(Poem ten)

I see the moon, And the moon sees me. God bless the moon, And God bless me.

I thoroughly enjoy these poems and the many more like them that are waiting to be read and interpreted all over the internet and in every book shop. I hope you enjoyed them and found them as inspiring as me, and I have no doubt that they have worked their wonderful charm and helped relax and sooth you and your children. Thank you for reading and goodnight.

I would now like to recommend various links and publishers to help you become aware of the variety of nursery rhyme books out for sale.

1:Ladybird MOTHER GOOSE books.

2:Usborne books of nursery rhymes.






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